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The prime minister of the Jewish state claimed that Hamas would be defeated shortly after the ground attack in Rafah

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicated that West Jerusalem forces would investigate soon “Total victory” In their war against Hamas once they began a major ground offensive planned in the southern end of the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu's government is facing international pressure to cancel the Rafah campaign because about 1.4 million civilians took refuge in the city after Israeli bombing expelled them from other parts of the Palestinian Strip. The Prime Minister explained that civilians will be evacuated to previously cleared areas north of Rafah before the IDF storms Hamas's last stronghold in Gaza.

Speaking in a CBS News In an interview on Sunday, Netanyahu said that the attack on Rafah, Gaza, would be delayed briefly if a temporary ceasefire was negotiated with Hamas, but that it would happen sooner or later. “If we don't have an agreement, we will do it anyway.” He said. “This must be done because complete victory is our goal, and complete victory is within reach – not months or weeks away, once we begin the operation.”

“Victory is near, and there will be no victory until Hamas is eliminated.” Netanyahu said. “Once we begin the Rafah operation, the intense phase of the fighting will be weeks away from ending.”

He added that the Israeli army has already destroyed 18 out of 24 Hamas battalions in Gaza, and four of the remaining units are concentrated in Rafah, near the Strip's border with Egypt.

Netanyahu insisted that Israeli forces would not force Palestinian civilians into Egypt, jeopardizing diplomatic relations with Cairo. In response to a question about American demands for “reasonable” He said that there was a plan to evacuate the displaced from the Gaza Strip from Rafah, “We don't have to be pushed. We're on the same page with the United States on this because that's the way we do it.”

The war began when Hamas fighters launched surprise attacks on villages in southern Israel on October 7, killing more than 1,100 people and taking hundreds of hostages to Gaza. Netanyahu said the conflict can only end when Israel achieves its three main goals: eliminating Hamas, releasing the hostages, and ensuring Gaza never again poses a threat to West Jerusalem.

Negotiations for a ceasefire – to enable the exchange of Hamas hostages with Palestinians held in Israeli prisons – began on Friday in Paris. Reaching an agreement will not be possible unless Hamas backs away from its agreement 'Crazy demands' Netanyahu said. Nearly 30,000 people have been killed in Gaza since the war began, according to local health authorities.

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