“Its members have been accused of promoting normalization.” Performing arts of Arab theater canceled during Tunisia’s Carthage Day

The anti-normalization movement in Tunisia and Israel has announced that the management of the Carthage Theater Day Festival has responded to their demands by canceling the performance of the play “Joker” after some of its participants accused the normalization of culture under the Israeli occupation.

The Tunisian movement to boycott and normalize relations with the Israeli occupation issued a statement on the Facebook platform yesterday Monday, saying that through contacts with members of the management committee of the “Carthage Theater Days”, it was learned that the performance of the play “Joker” was performed by an Arab The troupe performed in the city of Umm al-Fahm on occupied land.

She added: “Our campaign had previously engaged with some festival staff to remind them that members of the band were involved in normalizing culture with the enemies of Zionism (specifically: Khalifa Na Tour, Subi Hosri, Raad Shams and Ghassan Ashka), as well as the band’s artistic director Hisham Suleiman.”

“They participated in promoting the conflict between Zionism and the Palestinian resistance through their participation in the TV series Fauda, ​​produced by Israelis and broadcast on the Netflix platform,” the statement said.

She continued: “In the same context, the Palestinian Academic and Cultural Boycott Movement sent a letter to the festival management informing it of the need to withdraw this play. While our movement applauds the decision of the Carthage Theater Day management, But it calls on all organizers of Tunisian and Arab cultural demonstrations to be more vigilant and investigative, lest our cultural festivals become platforms for washing the shame of normalizers and collaborators with the enemy.”

Yesterday Monday, the official page of the festival published a promotional advertisement for the upcoming event on the Facebook platform, in which there was no mention of the drama “Joker”.

The statement listed the list of participating performances: “Escape from Confession” (Tunisia), “The Soil of Madness” (Algeria), “Silence” (Kuwait), “Antigone” (Jordan), “The Sun” (Morocco), “The Last Judgment” (Egypt) and “Travel – The Soul of the Immigrant” (“Song of the Good Guys” (UAE), “Hope” (Iraq), (220) “House – Ivorian Historical Painting” (Côte d’Ivoire) and “Al -Ferma” (Tunisia).

A few days ago, the Arab Theater Group announced through its Facebook account that the play will participate in the 24th Theater Festival scheduled to take place from December 2 to 10.

The Palestinian Academic and Cultural Movement to Boycott Israel had previously called for a boycott of the series “confusion” Israeli newspapers also called on participants to withdraw immediately and called on Netflix to block the show from airing.

source : Al Jazeera + website + social media sites

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