Kroy Biermann pleads with the judge to allow the $3 million home sale with Kim Zolciak


August 31, 2023 | 8:39 p.m

Kroy Biermann is asking a judge to allow the sale of the $3 million mansion he shares with his estranged wife, Kim Zolciak, amid their ongoing financial troubles.

The former NFL player has requested an emergency hearing to obtain permission to put his Georgia home on the market, according to the British Daily Mail. Court documents obtained by TMZ.

Berman reportedly believed the sale could help cover the “considerable debt” they had run up during their ill-fated marriage.

According to the outlet, the retired athlete sold personal items, including failed stylists, for monthly mortgage payments to avoid a foreclosure auction on the home earlier this year.

However, he claims in court documents that they are facing foreclosure again after failing to make their July mortgage payment.

And while Crowe admits that Zolciak was also selling her purses, luxury goods and her daughter, Brielle Berman, he claims that “none of the money earned from the sale of these items was used for the mortgage, or any other bills.”

Kroy Biermann wants to sell the $3 million home he shares with Kim Zolciak.

The retired athlete’s request to sell the marital home comes a week after he filed for divorce from the 45-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta graduate for the second time. Both initially filed to end their marriage in May.

According to TMZCroy, 37, stated in the latest papers that their union is “irrevocably broken.”

He also sought sole legal and physical custody of their four minor children: Kroy Jr., 12, Kash, 11, and twins Kaya and Ken, 9.

The former NFL player has requested an emergency hearing to put his Georgia home up for sale, according to TMZ.

The outlet later reported that the former couple had a huge fight over finances, which prompted Kroy to pull the plug again.

“They got ridiculously petty about who didn’t pay the bills,” one source said TMZ said Friday. “They’re counting down to pennies.”

An insider previously told Page Six that tensions were running high between the two behind closed doors over their mounting financial troubles.

He reportedly believed the sale would help cover their “significant debt”.

Not only was their mansion under foreclosure earlier this year, but news of their separation coincided with reports claiming they owed the IRS more than $1 million.

Crowe also claimed in May that Zolciak’s gambling addiction had left his family “financially devastated”.

At the time, it was alleged in court documents that Bravolebrity was “spending significant time and marital money on gambling and other games of chance”.

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He claims in court documents that they are facing foreclosure again after failing to make their July mortgage payment.

Meanwhile, Saks/Capital One sued Zolciak last week for more than $150,000 in unpaid credit card fees, according to court documents obtained by Page Six.

She was also sued by Target back in June for $2,482.24 in unpaid credit card bills.

Her eldest daughter, Brielle, was also sued by American Express for failing to pay the $12,870.25 outstanding balance on her credit card.

The retired athlete filed for divorce from Zolciak last week for the second time.

Meanwhile, Karoui also faced legal action due to his financial problems. The former Atlanta Falcons player was sued by BMW Financial Services earlier this summer for skipping car payments on a $400,100 car.

At the time, his attorney pointed the finger at Zolciak, telling TMZ: “Mr. Biermann never imagined he would find himself in this situation after getting a car back.

“But this is the result when people find themselves spending beyond their means. Ball has retired and is no longer receiving an NFL salary. … I don’t think anyone told Kim.”

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