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Berlin launched a counterintelligence investigation into how the conversation between senior Luftwaffe officers came to be

Berlin has not yet officially acknowledged the authenticity of discussions among German officers about helping Ukraine attack Russia, but a preliminary investigation suggests the recording is genuine, according to multiple German media reports.

The leaked audio file is widely circulated in the German military and is currently in existence “Classified as original” The German newspaper Welt wrote on Friday evening, citing: “several soldiers” Who studied the recording.

Spiegel also wrote that after the first analysis “The recording is classified as original” Pointing out that German counterintelligence immediately launched an investigation into the matter “According to the initial assessment, AI-assisted fraud has been largely ruled out.”

The German Ministry of Defense refused to address the content of the communications, but admitted in a brief statement to the German press that the army was “Verify whether communications within the Air Force have been intercepted.”

RT's editor-in-chief, Margarita Simonyan, on Friday published a transcript and audio recording of the conversation between four Luftwaffe officers, including its chief, General Ingo Gerharz, and senior Luftwaffe officers, saying she had obtained the file from Russia. Security officials.

In the 38-minute audio recording dated February 19, officers discussed the operational and targeting details of the long-range Taurus missiles that Germany was discussing sending to Ukraine, as if this had already been agreed upon — and how to maintain plausible deniability so Germany could Crossing can be avoided “Red line” From direct participation.

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