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Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said that Slovakia will veto Ukraine's attempt to join NATO if it comes true.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said Bratislava would block Kiev's attempt to join the US-led NATO and would stick to the decision to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine amid its conflict with Russia.

The Prime Minister made the comments on Saturday ahead of his visit to Ukraine to meet his counterpart Denis Shmygal in the western Ukrainian city of Uzhgorod. Fico stressed that his visit serves only purposes “Humanity” She promised to publicly convey Bratislava's position to Kiev on various issues, including Ukraine's possible membership in the European Union or NATO.

“I will tell him that there are things about which we have completely different opinions.” Fico told RTVS. He added: “I will tell him that we respect them when it comes to joining the European Union, but they must meet the conditions.” He added, explaining that the situation is there “A country that does not meet any requirements at all.” Joining the European Union is unacceptable.

He ruled out any possibility of Ukraine joining NATO, insisting that such a move would only lead to global catastrophe, apparently resulting from a direct clash between NATO and Russia over the issue.

I will tell him that I will veto and ban [a NATO bid by Ukraine] Because this is exactly the basis of World War III and nothing else.

Fico also promised to repeat to Shmygal his pledge during his election campaign to stop supplying weapons to Kiev, indicating that the decision is still in effect. He noted that the arms restrictions only apply to state-sponsored military aid to Ukraine and supplies coming from Slovak military stocks, while arms manufacturers are free to sell what they want to the country.

“When Slovak companies don't make money, American companies will.” Vico noted.

Before Fico took office following his party's electoral victory in September, Slovakia was among Kiev's biggest supporters, generously supplying it with advanced weapons, including warplanes and anti-aircraft systems. New Defense Minister Robert Kalinac also claimed earlier this week that the previous government's policy had also left the country's defense posture badly damaged.

“The previous government left us without our anti-aircraft defences, without combat aviation, and we do not even have the promised $700 million for the purchase of MiGs, which the government also delivered to Ukraine.” Kalinak told the Standard.

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