Maarif: Direct confrontation with Hezbollah seems inevitable policy

Israel’s “Maariv” newspaper stated that the attack launched by Lebanese Hezbollah on the headquarters of the Israeli 91st Division in Planit Military Camp yesterday Monday was not a random attack, but clear evidence of a direct and high-intensity close range attack. Military confrontation between Israel and the group.

Maarif confirmed in a report by military journalist Tal Lev Ram that the attack did not cause any deaths on the Israeli side, but that the Planit base was hit by mortars, causing some damage The destruction of Hezbollah-fired artillery shells and Burkan rockets represents another step toward direct war.

She continued: “Hezbollah rushed to release video footage targeting Israeli sites just hours after the attack. This is not surprising because Hezbollah militants have been attacking Israel with missiles, mortars, and anti-tank missiles for a month and a half. .Tanks, missiles and drones.”

Israeli newspapers accused Hezbollah of escalating attacks in the past two days, emphasizing that Hezbollah militants have expanded their use of Burkan missiles that can carry half a ton of explosives and launched more and more explosive-laden drones towards Israel. and fired dozens of rockets and mortars at settlement outposts and settlements along the border and in the Western Galilee.

She continued, “It is true that at this stage Hezbollah is still firing at short range within Israeli territory, but week after week, the situation escalates, and even if Israel hopes to continue to focus on defeating Hamas in Gaza, the possibility of fires on the northern front lines will force Israel sharply intensifies its response in Lebanon.

She added that there appeared to be no sign that the situation in the north was escalating, as Israel viewed the war in Gaza as an opportunity to restore deterrence against Hezbollah and other “terrorist groups” in the region, but that it had been exacerbated by Israel’s aggressive actions and outright destruction in Gaza. Risk of escalation.

Maarif said Hezbollah is doing everything it can to prove – at least for now – that it is ready to take the risks of war, even at the expense of Lebanese interests, and that Israel does not appear to be stopping it.

The newspaper concluded that Israel was currently not interested in a war in the north and that Hezbollah was far from using its firepower to launch missiles beyond the line of contact.

But the problem is that Israel estimates that the Gaza operation could last for months, and given that the situation in the north is escalating every week, a direct confrontation between Israel and Hezbollah seems inevitable.

The only question now is when?

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