Macron: We have decided not to participate in the operation against the Houthis

French President announced Emmanuel Macron His country decided “not to join” the US-led coalition's attack on “HouthisIn Yemen, he reiterated his call for a ceasefire in Yemen in order to “avoid escalation” in the region. Gaza.

Over the weekend, the United States and Britain launched attacks against the Houthi armed group in Yemen to stop attacks carried out by the group “in solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza.”

Macron said at a press conference yesterday (Tuesday) that “France has decided not to join the coalition to launch preventive strikes against the Houthis. Why? Because our position is to avoid any escalation”, stressing that the issue is not “military” ” but “diplomacy.”

The United States previously announced the formation of a multinational alliance as part of its so-called “operation”guardian of prosperityThe Houthis responded that the alliance would not stop its operations in the Red Sea and that its goal was to support the Palestinian people in their fight against Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip.

Houthis launched attacks on ships they claimed were linked to Israel, then expanded operations in the Red Sea (Reuters)

Gaza war

Macron, on the other hand, warned that Israel continued to launch “imprecise” military operations in the Gaza Strip, which, as he put it, “posed a threat to its long-term security.”

He added: “We will continue our diplomatic initiatives, decisions and discussions to call for a ceasefire, and I will continue our bilateral communications with a view to concretely achieving this goal.”

Macron announces “memorial” ceremony to be held for victims of what he says are movement attacksagitationThe conference will be held on February 7 next year and the theme will be Israel, but he did not mention the more than 24,000 Palestinian martyrs who have lost their lives as a result of Israel's continued aggression against the Gaza Strip.

“On February 7, when the victims of terrorism are commemorated in Paris,” the French president said, “I will pay tribute to these victims, their relatives, their families and all those who want to join us.”

Macron recalled that his country had “lost 41 people” in these attacks and that three French nationals remained “hostages” in the Gaza Strip.

Macron stressed that every effort would be made to free them, together with the Israeli authorities, “Qatar, which plays a decisive role in this” and many other partners.

Since October 7 last year, the Israeli army has been waging a devastating war against Gaza, which has so far resulted in 24,285 martyrs and 61,154 injuries, and resulted in the displacement of more than 85% of the population of the Gaza Strip (approximately 1.9 million people). In addition to the massive infrastructure damage, there are infrastructure, critical facilities and hospitals.

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