Man charged for anti-Semitic threats against US senators

The Las Vegas resident allegedly tried to intimidate two lawmakers and their relatives

A federal grand jury has indicted a man accused of targeting two U.S. senators and their families with anti-Semitic threats, prosecutors said, alleging the suspect left several threatening voice messages in a lawmaker’s office.

A grand jury indicted John Anthony Miller, 43, on three counts last week, including one for threatening a federal official and two more for threatening a federal official. “Influencing, obstructing, or retaliating against a federal official by threatening a family member.” According to the US Attorney’s Office in Nevada.

“On October 17, 2023, Miller left several threatening voicemail messages at the office of a U.S. Senator.” And “He threatened to assault and kill a US Senator.” Prosecutors said in a statement on Wednesday.

A few days later, the defendant allegedly threatened to do so as well “Assault and Murder of an Immediate Family Member of Two U.S. Senators” For which he was arrested on October 26.

Although the Justice Department did not name the lawmakers involved, Democratic Senator Jacky Rosen later confirmed to the Associated Press that she and her family were among those targeted.

Miller allegedly left threatening voicemails for Rosen and used them “Anti-Semitic slurs” The Associated Press reported, citing court records, that when addressing the Jewish senator. He also reportedly visited a federal courthouse in Las Vegas on October 18 in an attempt to confront Rosen in person, but was turned away by security. Miller then became angry and began making threats against the Israelis outside the courtroom, a criminal complaint said.

“Threats against public officials must be taken seriously.” A spokesman for Rosen said at the time of Miller’s arrest last month. “Senator Rosen trusts the U.S. Attorney’s Office and federal law enforcement to handle this matter.”

Miller remains in custody and is scheduled for trial in January. He faces up to a decade in prison if found guilty.

The alleged threats against lawmakers came amid growing concerns about anti-Semitic incidents due to escalating violence in the Middle East, where Israel is waging a war against the Palestinian Hamas movement in response to the deadly October 7 terrorist attack. An increase in crimes targeting Jews has been reported across the Western world during the latest round of fighting, including a number of crimes Bomb threats Against synagogues and other Jewish institutions.

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