Martha Stewart responds to her critics after using an iceberg in her cocktail


August 30, 2023 | 7:18 p.m

Martha Stewart wasn’t bothered by critics who criticized her for using a “little iceberg” to chill her cocktail during a Greenland cruise from Iceland.

“Folded iceberg. Perfect for cocktails!” the former TV show host wrote alongside a photo of an iceberg posted to her Instagram Story on Tuesday.

Stewart, 82, also reposted A Washington Post article Under the headline “Martha Stewart put an iceberg in her drink. Experts say it’s no big deal.”

Her snide remark comes after fans questioned Stewart for using naturally formed icebergs in her drink while on the luxury cruise.

“The end of the first Zodiac cruise from @swanhelleniccruises to a very beautiful fjord on the east coast of Greenland,” Stewart captioned a carousel post shared to Instagram on Monday.

“We’ve already captured a small iceberg for our cocktails tonight.”

Martha Stewart is unfazed by those who criticize her use of an iceberg in her cocktail.
The former TV host jokingly posted a photo of an iceberg to her Instagram Story, writing that it would be “perfect for a cocktail.”

One photo showed a smiling Stewart showing off her iced cocktail, along with a slew of shots of different icebergs in the water during her trip.

Another photo posted to her Instagram Story showed Stewart enjoying a dip in the hot tub during the boat trip.

Her careless post angered her viewers, including those who wrote: “Martha, the ice caps are melting, don’t put them in your drink.”

Stewart shared photos of her ship’s Greenland cruise from Iceland on Monday.

Another commented that Stewart’s trivial choice on the ice sounded like “a line from a dystopian novel.”

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“The earth is on fire, but why not enjoy a good cocktail,” a third user commented.

As for the expert opinion favoring Stewart, glaciologist Eric Renot — a professor in the Department of Earth System Sciences at the University of California, Irvine — told the outlet: “It’s not as if she went onto a glacier and carved a chunk of ice off of it.” He. She,”

While fans seem to be angry about her chilled drinks, experts shared that it’s not as big a deal as it may seem.

“Icebergs are actually floating in the sea and melting slowly. Whether they melt in the ocean or in your glass makes no difference.

Another glaciologist told The Washington Post that the tour company’s use of fossil fuels to transport passengers during their trip caused a much greater environmental impact than stray chunks of ice that tourists plucked from the water to cool their drinks.

“Putting a little ice in a drink is no worse than taking a glass of water from a river,” said glaciologist Ian Allison, a professor at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania.

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