Military experts: Israel uses search and rescue forces to confirm news of heavy losses

Military expert Major General Fayez Duvali believes that the Israeli army is experiencing a loss crisis… Gaza StripParticularly trying to penetrate deep into densely populated areas prompted him to seek help from search and rescue teams.

Duhuaili said the invasion gave the resistance the opportunity to further exploit demolished houses and narrow alleys for direct combat against the occupying forces.

Duhuaili pointed out that occupying forces also face losses in other areas, noting that Sunday’s killing of six soldiers by the resistance did not occur in Gaza, but in areas claimed by Israel to control.

Regarding the use of search and rescue forces in operations, military experts said that when this force is transferred from the country to combat operations, it means that they need emergency support to extract bodies and vehicles and search for missing persons.

Duhuaili stressed that this step strengthens the assumption that the number of dead, injured and missing is much higher than the official figures released by Israel.

He pointed out that the attack by the resistance group inside the Lantisi hospital and the display of soldiers’ medals, helmets and combat sleeves indicated a face-to-face transaction, meaning that soldiers inside the hospital were killed, injured and injured. According to him, was captured.

Military experts say the resistance is fighting in one phase, the defensive phase, and is distributing its forces geographically, while Israel is talking about a second phase of a ground attack, which violates military rules because they extend the first phase of the attack.

Leave a comment on your posted video izdin qassam brigade The video shows close-range combat in broad daylight. Duvairi said the incident was due to the physical, psychological and spiritual recovery process, as the fighters would observe the target for hours until they were able to attack it.

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