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Muhammad Abu Salamiya is a Palestinian pediatrician born in 1973. He served as medical director of Al-Nasr Hospital in 2007, took over the management of Al-Rantisi Hospital in 2012, and later served as director. Go to Al-Shifa Hospital Arrested from 2019 to November 23, 2023.

Prior to his arrest, Israeli occupying forces attacked the hospital during Operation Iron Sword, destroying its facilities, bulldozing its grounds and cutting it off from the world due to power outages and internet outages. isolation. Gaza Strip “Reaction to War”al aqsa floods“This was an action launched by the Palestinian resistance movement against settlements on October 7 of the same year Gaza cover.

birth and growth

Muhammad Muhammad Abd al-Halim Abu Salmiya, nicknamed “Abu Khalid”, was born on October 18, 1973 in Gaza City, west of Gaza City. Beach Refugee Camp, my parents’ ancestry can be traced back to 2007 in the village of Al-Joura. Ashkelon. He is married with four children, the oldest of whom graduated from high school in 2023.

Muhammad Abu Salamiya
Muhammad Abu Salmiya (right) took over as director of Al-Shifa Hospital in 2019 (communication website)

Learning and scientific training

Mohammed attended schools in the Beach Camp and received his high school diploma from Carmel School in the Gaza Strip in 1991, where he was one of the top students with excellent academic results.

Since the Israeli occupation prevented any medical or pharmacy schools from being licensed in the Gaza Strip, he studied medicine at Bogomorets National Medical University in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital. Abu Salamiya specialized in paediatrics before returning to the Gaza Strip in 1998. He qualified from the Palestinian Board of Pediatrics.

medical experience

Since graduating and returning to Palestine, Abu Salamiya has held many important jobs Gaza Strip HospitalIn 2000, he started working as a doctor at the European Gaza Hospital in Khan Younis (southern Gaza Strip) until 2004, then worked at Al Nasr Children’s Hospital until 2012 and became the medical director of the same hospital in 2007.

In 2012, he took over the management of Landisi Children’s Hospital. In late July 2019, he became the director of Al-Shifa Medical Center, the largest medical institution in the Gaza Strip.

Before being appointed Director of Al-Shifa Hospital, he served as Vice-President of the Medical Syndicate of the Southern Province of Gaza.

He chaired pediatric conferences in the Gaza Strip and participated in medical conferences outside the Gaza Strip, the most recent of which was the Scientific Conference of the Gaza and West Bank Ministry of Health in the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt, held in Cairo in 2023 by the Eastern Mediterranean Region Office sponsorship.

The mark he left on Al-Shifa Medical Center

Abu Salamiya is committed to the development and revitalization of Al-Shifa Hospital, launching a project to restore the hospital’s old maternity building ahead of the Israeli occupation forces’ invasion of the Gaza Strip in 2023. He also worked with the American Medical Mission from Fajr, a foundation in which local hospital staff participated.

The new emergency department opened on July 10, 2023, becoming the largest department in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem, with the number of beds increased from 32 to 62 and intensive care beds from 5 to 10, in addition to plaster and nursing beds. . Suture rooms, simple case sites, etc., to train medical and nursing management personnel in undergraduate departments.

Abu Salamiya pledged to develop an interventional radiology department with funding from the Palestinian American Medical Association (PAMA), considered one of the most modern facilities in the world, which will bring about a qualitative change in medical services in the Gaza Strip. .

Just steps away from localizing kidney transplants in the Gaza Strip, the hospital now has the capacity to perform large, high-tech surgeries that were previously referred outside the Strip. In 2022, the number of surgical procedures performed at Al-Shifa Hospital reached 31,971.

He was arrested for the Israeli occupation

On November 23, 2023, during the invasion of the Gaza Strip, Israeli occupying forces attacked the hospital emergency room and subsequently arrested Mohammed Abu Salamiya and a number of medical staff.

Abu Salamiya reported that on November 18, 2023, he received an evacuation order from the occupying forces after refusing a similar previous order, and hundreds of patients and displaced persons were evacuated to another hospital in the southern Gaza Strip, Dozens of premature babies were also transferred.

Positions and Responsibilities

  • 2000: He works as a doctor at the European Hospital in Gaza.
  • 2004: He works as a doctor at Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital.
  • 2007: He serves as Medical Director of Al-Nasr Hospital.
  • 2012: He takes over the management of Landisi Hospital.
  • 2019: He becomes director of Al-Shifa Hospital.
  • Before his arrest, he worked as a lecturer at Al-Azhar University and Islamic University.
  • He leads the Friendship Sports Club.

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