WHO: No information on fate of director of Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital

she says global health organization She doesn’t know the director’s fate Shifa Hospital exist Gaza Muhammad Abu Salmiya was arrested a few days ago along with others by the occupying forces over her alleged involvement in the kidnapping.

Abu Salima was arrested on Wednesday along with five other health workers in the unit as they took part in a U.N.-led mission to evacuate patients, the group said in a statement.

She added that she was part of a joint United Nations operation in cooperation with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society to transport 151 patients, their families and the health workers accompanying them from Shifa Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip.

She continued that during this mission, 14 ambulances provided by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and two buses transported dozens of seriously ill or injured patients, equipped with their own staff, and accompanied by 8 health worker.

She said three medical staff from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and three other medical staff from the Ministry of Health were detained while… Two of them were later released; there is no information yet on the other four, including the director of Al-Shifa Hospital. It called for “their legal and human rights to be fully respected while in detention”.


Yesterday Friday, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network expressed concern over reports that the World Health Organization may be involved in the kidnapping of medical personnel by Israeli forces in Gaza, including the director of the Shifa Medical Center, Mohammed Abu Salamiya.

The network said in a statement

The statement said the World Health Organization committed to coordinating with Israel to safely evacuate medical staff and patients to southern Gaza, but occupying forces intercepted the convoy and kidnapped some.

In its statement, the World Health Organization did not directly respond to Euromed Network’s accusations that it may have been involved in the kidnapping of Abu Salamiya.

Al-Shifa General Hospital in Gaza
Shifa Hospital, the largest medical center in the Gaza Strip (Al Jazeera)

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The Gaza Ministry of Health announced it was suspending the evacuation of patients and medical staff from hospitals in the Gaza Strip in coordination with the World Health Organization after Israeli forces detained medical staff at the Gaza Ministry of Health, including the director of Shifa Hospital.

On November 14, Israeli forces attacked Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest medical center in the Gaza Strip, several days after besieging the hospital and bombed facilities such as generators and operating rooms.

Ten days later, Israeli troops withdrew from the hospital yesterday, Friday, after expelling hundreds of sick and wounded as well as thousands of displaced people who had taken refuge there during the war, according to witnesses and local sources. hospital and destroyed parts of the hospital.

The withdrawal process began hours after a temporary humanitarian truce between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) came into effect.

The humanitarian ceasefire agreement includes a four-day ceasefire and the release of 50 Israeli detainees from Gaza in exchange for the release of 150 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons, as well as the entry of hundreds of trucks carrying humanitarian, relief, medical and fuel aid into Gaza zone. All areas of the Las Vegas Strip.

Since October 7 last year, the Israeli army has launched a devastating war in the Gaza Strip, resulting in approximately 15,000 martyrs, including more than 10,000 children and women, approximately 7,000 missing, and more than 36,000 injured.

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