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The billionaire businessman said that the initial results of the operation were “promising.”

Elon Musk said his biotech company Neuralink has successfully implanted one of its brain chips into a human for the first time, claiming the recipient is doing well after surgery. The company hopes to create an interface that allows people to control devices using only their minds.

Musk revealed the development in A mail On the social networking site X (formerly Twitter), on Monday evening, explaining that “The first human received a Neuralink implant yesterday and is recovering well.”

Although he provided few other details, the tech mogul added that preliminary results showed this “Promising detection of neuronal spikes” Referring to brain cells that send chemical and electrical signals to the rest of the body.

Neuralink described its first human trial in… press release Last year, it was named PRIME, or “A precise robotically implanted brain-computer interface.” Ultimately, hopes to develop “Fully implantable wireless computer interface” This could open the door to pioneering treatments for people with various disabilities, including paralysis.

The company said that it will use its R1 robot to surgically implant the chip in an area of ​​the brain that controls motor function, noting that it aims to “Recording and sending brain signals wirelessly to an app that decodes movement intent.”

The trial received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last May, overcoming that allegations results of previous tests “Animal Welfare Violations.” According to more than 20 current and former Neuralink employees, as well as dozens of internal company documents obtained by Reuters, Musk pushed Neuralink researchers to… “Accelerate development” In some cases it leads to “Failed experiments”

Musk expressed his hope that a brain transplant would allow blind people to regain their sight, among other medical miracles. While the results of the first human trial are yet to be seen, the billionaire has demonstrated the brain chip on more than one occasion, including an April 2021 presentation in which a macaque allegedly played a video game using its mind alone.

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