NATO boss attacks China over Russia ties

Jens Stoltenberg has offered a new justification for the US-led bloc’s pivot to Asia

Beijing is “Enable” Moscow is in the Ukrainian conflict, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has claimed, arguing that the US-led bloc should be involved in Asia, not just the North Atlantic.

Stoltenberg made the comments during a question-and-answer session at the NATO Youth Summit, in response to an inquiry from a student at Yale University in the United States.

He added: “The war in Ukraine shows that security is not regional, but rather global.” Stoltenberg said. “The main country enabling Russia to wage its aggressive war on Ukraine in Europe is China.”

Stoltenberg went on to say that China is as well “Biggest business partner ever” Russia supplies Moscow “Critical elements” For missiles, drones and other weapons. He also accused Iran “Providing drones” To Russia and North Korea “Providing ammunition and weapons.”

Iran, North Korea, and China are key to Russia’s ability to fight against them [the] European friend [and] NATO’s neighbor. Stoltenberg said, referring to Ukraine. “So the idea that we can separate Asia from Europe is not valid anymore.”

The United States had pushed NATO to do so Expanding its mission However, it arrived in Asia long before the Ukrainian conflict worsened in February 2022. Washington also appears to have been the source of allegations that Beijing, Tehran and Pyongyang provided weapons and ammunition to Moscow, without providing much evidence to back this up.

China has repeatedly rejected pressure from the United States and its allies to join the embargo it imposes on Russia, describing it as unilateral and illegitimate. Beijing also proposed a peace plan for the conflict in Ukraine, which was presented by Moscow He seemed interested In Kyiv and its Western supporters unacceptable.

Russia has to reject US allegations regarding arms and ammunition shipments to North Korea. Iran has He explained It supplied Russia with prototypes and plans for drones before the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, suggesting that Moscow was producing them domestically.

The United States and its allies have sent more than $200 billion worth of weapons, ammunition and cash to Ukraine over the past two years, while insisting that this does not make them direct participants in the conflict.

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