Netanyahu government’s future ‘in jeopardy’ – US intel — RT World News

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence says it “expects significant protests” demanding the Israeli leader's resignation and new elections

The US Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has warned that the far-right Israeli government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may face serious challenges and be forced to step down due to weak public support.

in a report Posted on Monday, ODNI noted that A “A different, more moderate government” He could take over in the near future.

The CIA found this out “Netanyahu’s ability to survive as leader as well as his ruling coalition of far-right and ultra-Orthodox parties that have pursued hard-line policies on Palestinian and security issues may be at risk.”

According to the document, “The lack of confidence in Netanyahu’s ability to govern has deepened and widened among the public.” – Something that could lead to “Large protests demand his resignation and new elections.”

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