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Mark Epstein argued that the previously unreported photo contradicted the official story about the death of the convicted child molester.

Jeffrey Epstein's brother has revealed a previously unreported autopsy photo, arguing that it proves the accused child sex trafficker could not have committed suicide in his prison cell.

Mark Epstein discussed the photo and other evidence in an interview on Friday with US podcast host Megyn Kelly. the Graphic image It shows a large red scar in the middle of the deceased's neck, which his brother said contradicts authorities' reports that he hanged himself in his New York City jail cell.

If Jeffrey Epstein was found hanging from the top bunk, as reported, ligature marks should have been visible under his chin and behind his ears, his brother said. “From that photo, the ligature mark on his neck is in the middle of his neck and kind of goes back.” He said. “In a hanging situation, it rises to the top of the neck because you are sinking into that loop.”

Jeffrey Epstein was found dead inside his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York in 2019, while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. The city's chief medical examiner ruled his death a suicide. A doctor hired by Epstein's family who was present for the autopsy claimed that some evidence, including multiple neck fractures, suggested he had been murdered.

Doubts raised over the official results have fueled speculation that Epstein was murdered to prevent the possible exposure of wealthy and politically powerful people on his client list. Previously sealed court documents from a case involving an alleged victim of child sexual exploitation were released last month, but they contained none of the startling information some observers expected.

Mark Epstein speculated that another inmate in the section of the prison where his brother was being held had killed him. The camera in that section was not working the night of Epstein's death, according to government authorities, who declined to release footage from a camera outside the suite or reveal the identities of other inmates.

“All I got from them, for every question I asked, was: ‘After a thorough investigation, we have determined it was a suicide.’” Mark Epstein said. “That was the answer I got to every question.” He claimed that normal investigative practices were not followed, such as leaving the body in place until the coroner arrived.

Mark Epstein also raised questions about his brother's autopsy photo, which showed no signs of fuzz, contrary to official claims about his body's position. “If he had been hanging as they said, there would have been evidence of grease on his legs and buttocks.” He said.

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