New York Times article: Don’t drop charges of genocide against Israel | Press conference

An article in the New York Times stated that the presidential administration Joe Biden I adopted a “naive rejection” approach when blaming Israel international court of justice by commitment genocide exist Gazawas content with the word “unfounded” in exchange for South Africa providing a document filled with overwhelming evidence that Tel Aviv had violated its obligations under the 1948 Genocide Convention.

U.S. Newspapers in Megan K. Stark – Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in Tel Aviv that “allegations of genocide are baseless,” while National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said the claim had “no merit.” , counterproductive, and completely without any basis in reality,” pointing out that the government's indifferent attitude shows its naivety.

The authors explain that the documents submitted to the court are documented, their origins are tightly controlled, and many experts say the legal arguments contained therein are exceptionally strong.

Comments by Israeli officials have provided evidence of intent, from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging Israelis to “remember” the Old Testament account of the massacre of Amalek and “spare no man, but kill the men and Women”, to Defense Minister Yoav Galant, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure promised, “Gaza will not return. “Back to the way it was before, we will dismantle everything, “They will not have a drop of water or a battery , until they leave this world.”

open genocide

As Stark believes, by speaking out about the destruction of Gaza and the dispersion of its population, Israeli leaders succeeded in publicizing what was hidden or denied in other cases of genocide. However, the ICJ meeting will not answer whether Israel committed or did not commit genocide. But if the panel of judges is convinced that the charges of genocide are justified, it must “urgently” order Israel to stop the attacks to protect Palestinians and preserve evidence.

Even claiming evidence of genocide would force the international community to protect Gaza's traumatized and hungry people by demanding ceasefires and aid, an issue that could, in the long term, lay the groundwork for early sanctions against Israel. Prosecute its officials.

The authors go on to say that these measures also make sense for the United States because the Biden administration is an integral sponsor of the war and continues to arm, finance and support Israel despite increasingly horrific reports of Palestinians being killed and displaced. and diplomatic protection, so if it turns out that the violence in Gaza represents… genocide, Washington could be charged with genocide, which is a crime in itself.

But given the power of the United States and its record of impunity at the international level, the likelihood of major consequences is slim. However, Americans should understand that this problem is fundamental and serious, and their government is involved, Stark said.

no reason

Israeli and U.S. officials have repeatedly invoked “self-defense” to explain violence in Gaza, but this argument cannot justify acts of genocide, especially since the authors argue that Israel's attacks on Gaza constitute a disproportionate response to an attack. October 7.

South Africa's lawsuit cited an Israeli television clip in which Colonel Yorgev Bar Sheit said in Gaza: “Whoever comes back here – if he comes back here later – will find a scorched earth, no home, No agriculture, nothing. They have no future.”

As Israeli officials sought to improve their image, saying “our war is against Hamas, not the people of Gaza,” Netanyahu warned his ministers to be careful when talking about war, saying: “Choose yours carefully. wording,” despite the violence of his rhetoric.

Israeli government spokesman Elon Levy has repeatedly described the South African case as a “blood libel,” a reference to European anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that have fueled the persecution of Jews since the Middle Ages. He told the South African government, “History will judge you, and it will judge you mercilessly.”

Raz Siegel, an Israeli historian and genocide expert, said Israel's actions in Gaza were indeed “a model of genocide.”

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