Nighttime bombings in Gaza kill dozens of people, including about 30,000 martyrs and missing persons

On Saturday night and at dawn on Sunday, Israel carried out another bombardment, with attacks covering the northern, central and southern areas of the Gaza Strip, causing dozens of casualties, including martyrs, wounded and missing persons, while the Gaza Strip Media Office announced the death toll of martyrs and The number of missing people has reached nearly 30,000.

The number of martyrs killed in an attack on a house in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip rose to 17, including 12 children.

Photos of the first moments after the Israeli attack showed civil defense operations and rescue teams tending to victims and treating the wounded, as well as scenes of massive destruction in the town of Hamad, west of Khan Younis.

Israel bombed a house belonging to the Nasr family in the Manara community area in southeastern Khan Younis governorate, killing about 20 Palestinians. The remains of the martyrs have arrived at the European Hospital in Gaza.

Despite the intense Israeli bombardment and continued shelling of the area, people sought to bury the martyrs in a cemetery near the hospital.

center and north of sector

In the central Gaza Strip, Al Jazeera reporters reported that Israel carried out a bombing attack on the house of a Palestinian citizen in the Zawaida area, killing a Palestinian woman and injuring others.

The rescue team recovered the body of a female martyr and many injured people, while others were still trapped under the rubble.

Rescue and civil defense personnel face great difficulties in rescuing and recovering victims due to a severe lack of necessary capabilities and equipment.

Israel attacked a house in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, injuring several martyrs.

Israel's bombardment expanded into the central Gaza Strip, targeting the Nuserat refugee camp, Magazi, Brighi and the towns of Zawaida, resulting in martyrdom and injury to Palestinians.

Israel also resumed bombardment in the northern Gaza Strip, targeting residential areas in Gaza City and houses in the Beit Lahiya project and Jabaliya camp, killing martyrs and injuring others, while resistance factions in Tawah north and west of Gaza City Clashes broke out in the Jabaliya camp in the M area.

new statistics

The Gaza Strip Government Information Office announced that the number of martyrs and missing persons has increased to 29,722, including 10,000 children, and the number of martyrs has reached 7,000.

The office released an update on the most important statistics related to Israel's war on Gaza, saying that “during the 92 days of the genocidal war,” the occupying forces committed 1,903 massacres against civilians in the Gaza Strip.

The office said the number of people injured as a result of Israeli aggression reached 58,166.

The office added that since the invasion of Gaza, the occupying forces had completely destroyed 69,000 housing units and partially destroyed 290,000 housing units.

The bombing of the Israeli-occupied territories resulted in the complete suspension of services in 30 hospitals and 53 medical centers in the Gaza Strip.

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