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Ottawa has transferred hundreds of millions of dollars to the United States to produce the NASAMS battery

An air defense system funded by Canada, the United States and Norway that Ottawa pledged a year ago to Ukraine has not yet been implemented, CTV News reported this week. The update came as the Ukrainian military said the country was suffering from a shortage of anti-aircraft systems and ammunition.

Kiev is counting on foreign donors to provide more air defense systems in the near future. Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that the interceptor missiles of Western-made systems are A “The top priority is to complete today, not tomorrow.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government pledged to fund the production of the Advanced National Surface-to-Air Missile System, or NASAMS, for Ukraine in January 2023. To cut red tape, Ottawa decided to pay the money directly to the United States rather than purchase it. The weapon system itself. Funding of 406 million Canadian dollars (304 million US dollars) was reportedly transferred to the United States last March.

CTV News contacted Norwegian defense company Kongsberg, which co-produces NASAMS with US giant RTX Corporation (formerly Raytheon), and inquired about progress on manufacturing the system. A company spokesperson responded that the company had not yet secured a contract.

“The acquisition body is still processing the Canadian donation purchase,” wrote Kongsberg Communications Vice President Ivar Simensen.

US government public disclosures reported a $1.2 billion NASAMS contract for Ukraine was signed in November 2022.

Uncertainty over the delivery was highlighted earlier this month by the Ottawa Citizen, which quoted the Department of National Defense as saying… “Details about the plans, including delivery timelines, are still being developed with the US.”

The newspaper compared this to statements by Canadian officials, including then Defense Minister Anita Anand, who told local media last April that the NASAMS system had already been launched. “On the track” To Ukraine and he will arrive “as soon as possible.”

Discussing the military assistance that Ottawa provides to Kiev in general, the report noted this “Get some details about [it] “It was difficult.” As an example, she cited conflicting statements by military officials about the cost of replacing army equipment donated to Ukraine.

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