North Korean spy satellite takes photos of U.S. military sites

North Korea said on Tuesday that a military spy satellite launched a week ago captured…Heading to the White House Department of Defense buildings, a nuclear aircraft carrier docked at a U.S. naval base, and a British aircraft carrier whose location was not specified.

The Korean News Agency reported that the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un He reviewed photos, counted the number of aircraft carriers at U.S. bases, and received an operational report on the operation from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Pyongyang General Command Center.

The Korean News Agency said that satellites took photos of the Norfolk Naval Base, Newport Shipyard and Virginia Airport yesterday Monday.

North Korea launched the Malejeong-1 spy satellite last Tuesday after two failed attempts in May and August last year and said its purpose was to monitor U.S. and South Korean military movements.

North Korea’s satellite launch has angered its southern neighbor while condemning both countries… Tokyo andwashington Strongly expressed this step and considered it a “blatant violation of the decision that has been taken”. United Nations Relevant”.


North Korea learned United Nations Security Council On Monday, China launched a satellite for espionage purposes within the scope of legitimate self-defense, rejecting a wave of condemnation led by the United States.

Kim Sung, North Korea’s representative to the United Nations, said other countries did not face any restrictions on using satellites, adding that no country in the world was in a “more dangerous security environment than North Korea.” As he said, countries threaten with nuclear weapons.

U.S. Rep. Linda Thomas-Greenfield rejected North Korea’s assertion that its actions were in self-defense, stressing that the U.S.-South Korea exercises were “routine” and “defensive in nature.”

South Korea says its northern neighbor received help from Russia in launching a spy satellite following a summit between North Korea’s leader and his Russian counterpart. Vladimir Putin Last September.

It is worth noting that after announcing the successful launch of its first spy satellite into orbit, North Korea promised to launch more satellites in the near future.

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