Occupation of Jenin continues to escalate, death toll in West Bank rises to 5 news

Bullets from occupying forces in city increase number of Palestinian martyrs embryo Four people and five others were injured in camps in the northern West Bank, while a young Palestinian man was martyred in the settlement of Psagot, east of the city of Bire.

According to Al Jazeera journalists, occupation forces continued their escalation of operations in Jenin from yesterday and Saturday until dawn on Sunday, as they continued to besiege the camp amid armed clashes with Palestinian resistance fighters.

Occupation forces bombarded several houses with energy shells, and vehicles bulldozed streets and destroyed the property of citizens in city neighborhoods and on the outskirts of the camp.

Israeli forces surrounded the Jenin Government Hospital, Ibn Sina Hospital and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society headquarters and blocked the movement of ambulances unless coordinated in advance.

Israeli drones flew over the city of Jenin and its camp, in addition to the heavy deployment of sniper teams on the roofs of buildings overlooking the camp and its interior, and the widespread deployment of occupation vehicles and soldiers over large areas.

According to Al-Quds News Network, a house in the Jenin refugee camp caught fire after being bombed by occupying forces.

On the other hand, Al Jazeera journalists reported that a young Palestinian man was killed by bullets from the occupying forces in the settlement of Psagot, east of the West Bank city of Birah.

Last night’s escalation coincided with the second phase of the prisoner exchange between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation), within the framework of the ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip, which is expected to last for 4 days and can be extended.

The number of martyrs in the West Bank has risen to about 235 since fighting began al aqsa floods This was launched by the Palestinian resistance movement on October 7 last year. In addition, nearly 3,000 people were injured.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club also reported that the number of detainees in the West Bank had increased to 3,160 since that date.

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