Paying tribute to Dadouh and martyr Abu Dhaka is the most important content policy of Egypt’s Journalist Solidarity Day

Cairo – Student Unity Day egyptian journalists syndicateTuesday night, against martyred Al Jazeera cameraman Samir Abu DhakaHe praised the courage of his colleague, the channel's journalist, who was assassinated by Israeli occupying forces in the Gaza Strip on Friday. Wael Dahedu.

A day of solidarity with the Palestinian press, held at the union headquarters in downtown Cairo, turned into an occasion to pay tribute to the icons of journalism, especially Abu Dhaka and Dadouh, and the role they played in exposing Israeli crimes, There are also rumors that action will be taken. Launching a treaty to guarantee the safety of journalists during conflicts and wars, according to a special statement obtained by Al Jazeera. “

The day of solidarity with the Palestinian press saw widespread Egyptian and Palestinian participation, with the presence of Khalid Barshi, head of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate, at a press conference and a seminar titled “Displacement is a red line”, in addition to Art and singing performance events.

Wael Al-Dahdouh was previously nominated for the Egyptian Press Freedom Award on December 17 by the board of directors of the Egyptian Press Awards, which is affiliated with the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate.

Palestinian Journalists Syndicate head Nasser Abu Bakr warns Palestinian journalists of major massacre - Special Photos
Nasser Abu Bakr, head of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, warns of a major massacre of Palestinian journalists (Al Jazeera)

persecution of israel

“Martyr Samir Abu Dhaka was an extraordinary photographer and a servant of all journalists,” Nasser Abu Bakr, head of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, told Al Jazeera on the sidelines of Solidarity Day, adding Explaining that “the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate and the International Federation of Journalists are continuing their efforts to prosecute Israeli leaders in court.” The ICC stressed that the Palestinian Union has prepared all legal documents condemning the leaders of the Israeli occupation.

Abu Bakr warned that “what happened to Wael Dadouh and Samir Abu Dhaka may happen in the coming period, but in a larger way, such as to Palestinian journalists mass murder.”

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Munir Zalour, director of programs and policy at the International Federation of Journalists, said that the International Federation of Journalists will present a new initiative in the coming period to approve a guarantee for journalists during conflict and conflict. Safe treaty. The war is fought through the United Nations.

He explained that the initiative has the support of a number of countries and expressed the hope that “it will be supported by all countries so that we can safeguard speech and its freedom” and called on the Egyptian government to participate in signing the agreement.

Zarul explained that the IF is working with Palestinian and Egyptian trade unions to ensure the safety of Palestinian journalists and prosecute the perpetrators at the International Criminal Court.

Palestinian activist Maryam Abu Dhaka confirms that her cousin, martyr Samer, proved the value of Palestinian media in the fight for truth – a special photo
Palestinian activist Maryam Abu Dhaka says her relative, martyr Samer, proved the value of Palestinian media in the fight for truth (Al Jazeera)

They deserve to be respected

Mohamed Saad Abdel Hafez, representative of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate, told Al Jazeera that “Dahdo’s nomination for the Press Freedom Award is a tribute to the union’s appreciation of him, who is considered a role model. Journalists, as it should be.” Yes. “

He noted that “Dadouh has become a symbol of Arab journalism. He is a bold journalist who, despite Zionist terrorism and deliberate direct targeting, returns every time to practice his work, his profession and his role in communicating the truth.” Targeting him, his family and colleagues. “

As the cousin of martyr Samer and… popular front Maryam Abu Dhaka told Al Jazeera, “Palestinian media has become the first authority, not the fourth. It has spread everywhere.”

She added, “What Al-Dahdouh, Samer and those before them did Shailene Abu AkelaIt vividly demonstrates the great role of journalists in the struggle for Palestinian liberation and in the fight against the Western Zionist media. “

Abu Dhaka confirmed that “this time, the Palestinian narrative reached the West, which is controlled by the international coalition that supports Israel. Palestinian journalists proved all the facts with audio and video, and it reached everyone in the East and West who had records There.”

Abu Dhaka praised Al Jazeera's role in covering Palestinian events, saying: “Al Jazeera provides the truth and the full picture, so from Shailene Abu Akra to Sameer Abu Dhaka, Then to the injury to Weir Al-Dahdouh, the price is high.” He also praised Dahdouh for his honor.

War Abu Dhaka, cousin of martyr Samer, speaks on Solidarity Day - Special Photos
Palestinian journalist Wael Abu Daqqa condemns the attack on his cousin Samer, calling him a “dear friend and hardworking man” (Al Jazeera)

“Historical phases”

Mohammad Hallajja, a member of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate's council, told Al Jazeera: “Dahdo presented an important image of a heroic journalist who had the truth and never gave up the fight to defend what was right and the Palestinian cause and bring everyone together. Hear the sound of it.”

Karaj added that “Palestinian media are at a historical stage where they stand up for truth in the face of Israeli lies and pay the price for it.”

“The Palestinian media has taught the world a lesson because the world has more technical tools, skills and training than they do, and the Palestinian media has also taught the world a lesson,” Ali Kamsha, chairman of the performance committee of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate Union, told Al Jazeera. A lesson.” Beyond it, zero compared to the North. “

Regarding commemorating Dadouh, Kamath explained: “This is the best choice because he has become a global example of a journalist who worked tirelessly to convey the voice of the Palestinian cause with the highest professionalism.”

The chairman of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate's performance committee pointed out that “from Sherine Abu Aqla to Samer Abu Daqqa, targeting Al Jazeera is targeting the truth.”

Egyptian Journalists Syndicate representative Mohamed Saad Abdel Hafeez (right platform) pays tribute to the role of Al-Dahdouh and the heroism of martyr Samer - a special photo
Mohamed Saad Abdel Hafez (right), representative of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate, praises the role of Dadouh and the bravery of martyr Samer (Al Jazeera)

Waiting for Arabic newspaper

At a press conference on the sidelines of Solidarity Day, Khaled Al-Balshi, head of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate, said, “The assassination of Samer Abu Daqa is a war crime and an attack on the Palestinian truth and narrative and succeeded in doing so.” reached the world. “

Balsi denounces 'escalation of numbers' Palestinian journalist martyr Amid global silence and the Zionist entity’s insistence on not letting the truth reach the world. “

He stressed that “Dadouh’s nomination a few days ago for the Egyptian Press Freedom Award is a tribute to all Palestinian journalism and to the courage of this professional who, despite the tragedy that befell his family and working team, He continued to work despite the bombing.”

A seminar titled “Displacement is a red line” was held on Solidarity Day, at which strategic expert Amr Shubaki warned that “the United States’ continued prejudice against the Israeli occupation makes it a country that overrides international law and State beyond legitimacy.”

He explains that “popular and humanitarian pressure no longer leads solely to the West's acceptance of the Palestinian narrative, but Arabs in the West now have a broader political message about the importance of the presence of alternative elites in Western societies.”

Abdul-Alim Mohammed, a strategy expert at the Al-Ahram Center for Strategic Studies, said: “We are facing a major criminal plan that requires more cards than what is happening in Arab countries now, in a way that could amount to a threat Work on treaties and agreements is to be suspended.”

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