Hussein Sheikh tells Al Jazeera: My words about holding Hamas accountable were distorted, news buried in Oslo

Hussein Sheikh, Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, stated that his statement on holding the Islamic Resistance Movement accountable (agitation) after the ceasefire Gaza Strip It was twisted, he added, “The Palestinian Authority was the first to defend the resistance.”

In an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera, Sheikh denied any involvement in the deal Israel Regarding the seized Palestinian Authority funds, he said what is needed now is to isolate the extremist Israeli government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu at the international level.

Two days ago, Israel's Channel 12 said that Israel and the Palestinian Authority had agreed on a mechanism that would allow the Palestinian Authority to receive funds that Israel has been withholding since the beginning of the aggression. Gaza StripShe explained that the mechanism allows Israel to see the names of those who will receive the Authority’s salary in Gaza.

Palestinian officials stressed Oslo Accords Her death, buried under the tracks of an Israeli tank, confirmed that what was happening now was a full-scale Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip.

He noted that the Palestinian Authority was under the Israeli hammer and did not have a million soldiers fighting the Israeli government, but said the Palestinian Authority “does not want to see scenes of killing and displacement” in the West Bank. Happened in Gaza. “

Sheikh pointed out that due to the conflict with the far-right Israeli government, the path to settlement and negotiation is facing difficulties, and called for the need to reconsider the path of armed resistance and the path of political settlement.

He stressed that electoral funds need to be the deciding factor between settlement and resistance projects, in line with the plans of the Authority and Hamas.

It is worth noting that after an interview with a TV channel, Sheikh called for Hamas to take responsibility and pointed out that the priority now is a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, which triggered a huge wave of anger on the Palestinian streets.

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