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Protesters gathered in downtown Warsaw on May Day to urge the government to stop supporting Kiev

Hundreds of demonstrators demonstrated in downtown Warsaw on Wednesday to urge Polish authorities to stop supporting Ukraine, saying the government's stance risks ultimately dragging the country itself into war. The demonstrators then marched through the city carrying a large Polish flag and anti-war banners.

The event, called the “Peace March,” was organized by several local anti-war groups. The demonstrators were heard chanting slogans such as: “It's not our war” As well as carrying various banners bearing slogans such as: “Today our tanks, tomorrow our children” “Stop the Americanization of Poland.”

He added: “We do not agree to be drawn into another party's war, we do not agree to be cannon fodder, and we do not agree to unconditional and meaningless support for Ukraine.” Prominent Polish political scientist Leszek Sekulski, one of the main figures behind the march, said during the event:

Sekulski has consistently opposed military aid provided by Warsaw to Kiev and has been calling for years to build better relations with Russia.

Poland has become one of Ukraine's main backers amid the ongoing conflict between Kiev and Moscow, which erupted in February 2022. The country has lavished Kiev with generous military aid of its own and has also served as the main hub for weapons supplied by Poland. Other Western countries will be sent to Ukraine.

However, relations between Kiev and Warsaw have been strained over economic issues, including months-long protests by Polish farmers and truck drivers who are concerned about the influx of cheap agricultural products from Ukraine and competition from local shipping companies.

The farmers lifted the blockade of the border last weekend after talks between protesters and Polish Agriculture Minister Czeslaw Sikierski, however it remains unclear whether the suspension of the blockade will actually hold.

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