Qatar Foreign Ministry: The first batch of prisoners from both sides have arrived with their families


Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Majid bin Mohammed Al Ansari said the first batch of freed Palestinian prisoners and Israeli detainees had been reunited with their families.

On Friday night, Israel released 39 Palestinian women and children agitation 13 Israeli women and children, 10 Thais and 1 Filipino.

This is to implement the humanitarian armistice agreement Gaza Israel and Hamas reached the agreement with the mediation of the State of Qatar and the support of Egypt and the United States.

Ansari explainsInternational Committee of the Red Cross She oversaw the safe evacuation of Israelis from Gaza as part of the implementation of the armistice.

He added that mediation efforts also resulted in the release of 10 Thai citizens and one Filipino citizen who were handed over to the International Committee of the Red Cross without respecting the humanitarian truce.

The spokesman confirmed that humanitarian aid trucks scheduled to enter Gaza today were able to cross the border and deliver vital supplies and aid to Palestinians trapped in the Gaza Strip.

direct communication line

Ansari said that throughout the prisoner exchange process, the State of Qatar maintained direct communication with both parties to the agreement and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

He also emphasized that the State of Qatar will continue to pay close attention to developments and promote the timely exchange of information between the two parties and the Red Cross to ensure that any problems that may occur are resolved immediately.

A Qatari foreign ministry spokesman added that Doha remains in close contact with its regional and international partners to ensure the armistice agreement is fully implemented.

The ceasefire agreement includes a four-day ceasefire, the release of 50 Israeli prisoners from Gaza in exchange for the release of 150 Palestinians from Israeli prisons, and the entry of hundreds of trucks full of humanitarian, relief, medical and fuel aid into all areas of Las Vegas St. Avenue.

Ansari said the State of Qatar hopes that in the coming days, ongoing efforts to extend the ceasefire agreement will culminate, leading to a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

source : Al Jazeera + Qatar News Agency (QNA)

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