“United, we restore the first two kisses.” Giant tifo for youth in Berouizda, Algeria in support of Palestine | Movement of


Tifo, fans of Algerian club Belouizdad, were thrust into the spotlight as their team recorded their first win at the start of the African Champions League.

“With the legacy of Saladin… united we will regain the first two kisses,” he wrote on a giant tifo. Two photos appeared, one of a masked man symbolizing the Palestinian resistance, the other Zhang was a figure from the Ayyubid dynasty of Saladin. The legendary leader who conquered the city of Jerusalem and entered Jerusalem on October 12, 1187. Among them is a model of the Dome of the Rock.

Yesterday Friday, in the first round of Group 4 of the Intercontinental Championship, CS Belouizdad defeated the visiting team Tanzania African Youth Boys 3-0.

Abdel Raouf bin Ghaith (10) and Abdel Rahman Meziane scored hat-tricks for the home team in the second minute of first-half stoppage time and the second minute of second-half stoppage time respectively. The second goal was scored by Min Gallo in 4 minutes.

In the first group match, Egypt’s Pyramids defeated Congolese team Mazembe with Fakhri Rakai’s clean goal in the 54th minute.

Last season’s defending champion Egypt’s Ahly will face the visiting team Ghana’s Mede Amma in the fourth group match today, Saturday.

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