Satellite image analysis shows Israeli vehicles slowing down in northern Gaza

Analysis of satellite images obtained by Al Jazeera’s investigative news agency shows that the advance of Israeli military vehicles on the northwest axis of Beit Lahiya has slowed down. Gaza Stripfrom November 17th to 21st this year.

The open source investigative team identified the starting point from which the Israeli vehicle attempted to advance on Al-Bahr Street near Othman Bin Affan Secondary School towards the Al-Saftawi area and farmland on the outskirts of the street.

According to analysis, the Israeli army advanced less than one kilometer in three days, with an average daily advance of only about 300 meters, while the ground advance speed in the previous few days was between 1 kilometer and 1 kilometer. One and a half kilometers a day.

Al Jazeera satellite image analysis: Israeli vehicles slow down in northwest Beit Lahiya axis
Al Jazeera satellite image analysis shows Israeli vehicles slowing down on the northwest axis of Beit Lahiya (Al Jazeera)

He is the military spokesman Qassam Brigade On November 20, it was reported that 60 Israeli military vehicles, including 10 personnel carriers, were destroyed while resisting the Israeli invasion of Gaza City and its northern axes.

Military expert Fayez Duwairy said that figures released by the Palestinian resistance showed that Israel lost one car and six casualties every hour and 20 minutes, which means that there were 3,185 casualties in the 22 days of ground operations in Gaza. At the very least, it was emphasized that Israel would not reveal its true losses until six months before the end of the fighting.

The further Israel advances on any axis inside Gaza, the more difficult the situation will become and the greater the chances of the resistance movement to cope with it, he added, noting that recently released images of the fighting confirmed that the resistance movement was working control the battle.

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