Some media bloggers: Netanyahu is getting us used to world affairs news where the law of the jungle prevails

Despite the process of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians Gaza Strip Although it has captured the world’s attention for weeks, one aspect of it has received less attention because it has passed without anyone noticing, and that is our habit – and indeed all of humanity. custom – a new international reality not governed by humanitarian law, which has governed armed conflict since 1949. We then become accustomed to a jungle-like world in which only the rights of the strongest prevail and the worst atrocities are “permitted” to be committed against the weak.

Greek journalist and blogger Giorgos Mitralias published this introduction on some French media websites, in which he stated that this “habit” of inhumane behavior occurs in two ways, first One is to have people face daily for weeks or even months with news and pictures of real genocide and ethnic cleansing, with tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians falling victim to a world where the “adults” have done nothing Act to stop barbarism, if not encourage and applaud.

The second is to criminalize any expression of sympathy for victims and any criticism of executioners who openly admit to violating humanitarian law and its basic rules, just as the Israeli military bombs hospitals, schools, churches, mosques and facilities. United Nations International organizations have targeted civilians, killing doctors, journalists and ambulance drivers, forcing residents from their homes, depriving them of their means of livelihood such as water, food and medicine, and destroying their infrastructure.

Super immunity

According to the author, the result of this dangerous habit must be a super immunity to the poison of infinite barbarism, which divides people into “masters” and others who obey them, depriving them without protest humanity, otherwise they are “terrorists”.

All this is aided by a global “McCarthyism” that not only criminalizes protest but is accompanied by an “abnormal” media campaign, as is evident in the current “Macronite” France, the current French President Emmanuel Macron, a new “normal” has been established in which some rights and freedoms are criminalized. Democracy, such as the right to freedom of expression, is predicated on combating anti-Semitism, and on this basis, those who dare to denounce its persistence are arrested for attacking civilians in Gaza.

The author concludes that the most dangerous thing is to get used to the disappearance of humanitarian law and the collapse of moral values, while watching the “ultimate repression” that Israel seeks against the Palestinian people and enjoying complete impunity, even bragging to everyone It has a complete disregard for moral imperatives and openly acknowledges its intent to commit genocide and war crimes, unlike those throughout history who have concealed their actions and sought to erase the slightest traces of them.

However, even more worrying, according to the author, was the Israeli attack on October 7 last year (al aqsa floods) to carry out the “great project” of extermination and eventual ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people will become an excuse for the capitalist and obscurantist reactionary opposition to democratic freedoms and rights around the world.

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