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The Dutch Prime Minister said that the European Union's need to boost defense spending does not depend on the re-election of the former US president.

Europe must spend more on defense and increase ammunition production to bolster its security and help Ukraine, outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday. He added that the need to improve the bloc's defense capabilities does not depend on whether former US President Donald Trump will be re-elected next November or not.

He was referring to Trump warning Earlier this month, he said that if re-elected, he would withhold military protection from NATO member states that don't spend enough on defense. All coalition members must allocate 2% of their GDP to defence, although most fail to achieve this target.

Trump's comments were met with unease in Europe, and Rutte said he had heard many complaints about the potential consequences for his re-election. However, according to the official, these concerns are beside the point.

“Stop whining and whining and whining about Trump. We're not spending more on defense or ramping up ammunition production because Trump might come back. It's up to the Americans. I am not an American, and I cannot vote in the United States. We have to work with everyone who is on the dance floor. He said.

Rutte said that increasing defense spending is in the interest of all NATO members, and warned against this if Russia “His success in Ukraine will have an impact on all of us in terms of our collective safety and defense.” According to the official, his country in particular is already spending “In the Premier League” Along with Germany and Norway, we will continue to do so.

Rutte indicated that following his discussions with American politicians during the conference in Munich, he was 'Cautiously optimistic' The military aid package coming from Washington to Ukraine will eventually be approved. US lawmakers failed to approve $60 billion in additional funding for Kiev before the start of the winter recess, but they are scheduled to resume discussions on the package later this month.

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