Sunak calls for Gaza to implement humanitarian truce, release detainees and provide aid news

British Prime Minister calls Rishi Sunak Establish a sustainable humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip that would allow the release of more Israelis held by resistance factions and allow aid to enter Gaza.

In a press statement today (Tuesday), Sunak stressed that the war in Gaza “cannot continue longer than it should”.

He said his government was “working around the clock to secure the safe release of the British hostages”.

He revealed that talks are ongoing with Qatar on resuming the process of releasing detainees held by resistance groups in the Gaza Strip.

Two days ago, the British Foreign Secretary called David Cameron German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock called on all parties in the Middle East to commit to a two-state solution and expressed the heartbreaking brutality of the moment when she saw the large number of child casualties.

In a joint article published in The Times, the two ministers said no one wanted to see the conflict continue longer than necessary.

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Days earlier, Sunak avoided answering two questions about the war in Gaza posed by SNP leader Stephen Flynn in the House of Commons.

During a meeting in the House of Commons, Flynn asked Sunak two questions about his ability to share a Christmas message with bombed children in Gaza, and London's abstention in a vote on a UN ceasefire project.

Responding to Flynn, Sunak said: “No one wants to see this conflict continue longer than necessary.”

Britain abstained from voting on a proposal to the UN General Assembly calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. The United States voted against the resolution, but 153 countries supported it.

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