She almost died…Israel investigates incident of female soldiers firing artillery shells in front of fort | News

A video shows an Israeli female soldier deliberately standing in front of a cannon and firing shells at it. Gaza StripThis sparked dissatisfaction among the Israeli military and media over soldiers' recklessness and violation of shooting rules.

In the video, the female soldier stood on a dirt barrier directly in front of the cannon, close to the muzzle, before soldiers fired a shell over her head at an unspecified location in Gaza, causing the shell to explode due to strong air pressure. resulting from shooting.

Since the start of the Gaza war 74 days ago, Israeli soldiers have been posting video clips on social networks of their operations in the Gaza Strip, which include serious failures and violations of the laws of humanitarian law There have also been violations against Palestinian civilians, most recently the killing of three Israeli prisoners by “friendly fire”.

Dangerous files

On Tuesday, Israel's Channel 12 commented on the video, which caused a stir on social media, calling what happened a “dangerous record.”

“The soldier appeared to be standing on an earthen embankment a few meters away, with a cannon next to him,” the channel said.

She added: “A live round was fired from the cannon and violently pushed away the female soldier who was standing there and was aware of the shooting.”

The channel quoted the Israeli military as saying, “The accident shown in the video was dangerous and completely violated the safety instructions issued by the Israeli army.”

The military explained that it would conduct an in-depth investigation into the matter and impose sanctions as soon as possible, adding that there were no casualties in the incident, the channel reported.

Israeli troops faced a storm of anger after they accidentally killed three Israeli prisoners near Shujaiya in Gaza, even as they waved white flags and one of them called for help in Hebrew, saying: “Save us.”

The Israeli army has so far admitted that 458 officers and soldiers have been killed since the war began, while Israeli media say thousands have been injured and many more have died.

Israel's war in Gaza had killed 19,453 people as of Monday evening, in addition to 52,286 injured, mostly children and women, and caused “unprecedented” damage to infrastructure, according to Palestinian and UN sources. Humanitarian disaster”.

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