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The move is likely to delay the former president's trial schedule by several months

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments on whether former President Donald Trump should have legal immunity in a federal election interference case, putting the trial on hold until the justices issue a ruling.

The court announced the decision on Wednesday, saying it would review whether Trump could face charges over his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. The former commander-in-chief insisted he was protected by presidential immunity, a claim rejected by federal prosecutors.

Trump praised the move in a social media post, saying he was “Very grateful” With an emphasis on his immunity.

“Without presidential immunity, the President will not be able to properly act, or make decisions, in the best interests of the United States of America.” he wrote. “Presidents will always feel anxious, even paralyzed, by the prospect of prosecution and wrongful retaliation after they leave office. This can actually lead to the president being blackmailed.”

While Trump asked the justices to pause his trial while a lower appeals court considers immunity claims, they chose to take up the question themselves at the request of special counsel Jack Smith, who brought the election interference case. Smith urged the justices to speed up the proceedings in an attempt to reach a final ruling before the 2024 presidential race, in which Trump is considered the Republican front-runner.

Setting an accelerated timeline, the court will hear oral arguments starting April 22 — long after 15 states and one U.S. territory head to the polls on Super Tuesday. A decision is expected sometime in June, according to Hill.

If the court rules against Trump, Smith's case will be allowed to move forward after months of delay, while a favorable ruling would prevent Trump from being prosecuted because of legal protections afforded to US presidents under certain circumstances.

The case marks the first time the nation's highest court has decided whether a former president should enjoy immunity for illegal acts he allegedly committed while in office. Likewise, Trump is the first former commander-in-chief in US history to face criminal charges after leaving the White House.

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