The Intercept: Secret intelligence documents reveal India’s death squad policies spreading globally

US news website The Intercept has revealed leaked secret intelligence documents showing the spread of Indian death squads across the globe.

An investigation by the site’s reporters Murtada Hussein and Ryan Grim revealed that India’s external intelligence agency, known as the Research and Analysis Wing, has been planning assassinations against activists living in foreign countries. Sikhism This is a province Kashmir There is a dispute between India and Pakistan.

LAN used for implementation

The website’s investigation was based on leaked secret documents, including Pakistani intelligence assessments. The documents outline a series of threats posed by India’s external intelligence agencies to the people of Pakistan. Pakistani security officials believe India’s Research and Analysis Service, a foreign intelligence agency, is working with local criminal and dissident networks to carry out assassinations and other attacks.

Documents show that India’s foreign intelligence agencies are targeting individuals and religious institutions claiming to support an “armed insurgency” in Kashmir, as well as Sikh activists living in Pakistan wanted by the Indian government.

The Intercept’s investigation confirmed that the documents provide compelling evidence that substantiates sensational claims that India is conducting a transnational assassination program against its political opponents. The Canadian government first made headlines in September when it accused Indian intelligence agents of plotting to assassinate Canadian Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nigar on its soil.

threats and poisoning

In the UK, the family of Sikh activist Avtar Singh Khanda called for an inquest into his sudden death in October, claiming he was killed following a series of public threats to his life. Poisoned to death by Indian intelligence agents.

In September, the Intercept website published a report on threats received by Sikh activists in the United States after the FBI warned some Sikh Americans that their lives were in danger following the killing of Canadian Nigar.

In 2022, Canadian Sikh Ribhudaman Singh Mallick (75) was shot and killed in Canada. He was acquitted of involvement in the fatal Air India plane bombing in 1985. The cause of death remains to this day. Still mysterious.

She didn’t go out in public

Although the allegations involved involvement in assassinations on foreign soil and strained India’s diplomatic relations, intelligence information about the incidents was not released to the public, whether from Canada, Pakistan, the United States or other intelligence services, according to Indian intelligence agencies. Intercept Investigation.

India’s Intelligence Research and Analysis Service assassinated two Sikh activists in Pakistan this summer in Lahore and Islamabad, according to Pakistani intelligence assessments.

The target of the Islamabad attack was not named. The other attacker was Lakbir Singh Rude, a prominent Sikh separatist leader who has lived in Pakistan since the 1990s and whom the Indian government has long He has been accused of “terrorism”.

A US website said Kevin Rudd was involved in a movement aimed at establishing an independent state in a region punjab province is called Kalistan The 1980s and 1990s.

He’s lived under threat for years

Rudd’s son, Canadian citizen Bhagat Singh, said his father lived under constant threat from Indian intelligence services because he had been on the Indian government’s hit list for years.

The pace of suspected attacks in Pakistan against persons wanted by Indian authorities appears to have accelerated recently, the US news website said, adding that a member with ties to an Islamist group in Karachi was killed on October 13.

The assassination follows the recent killings of two armed Islamists wanted by India in Pakistan’s tribal areas and Kashmir.

Secret documents released by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence Agency, a civilian-controlled security agency somewhat similar to the U.S. FBI, reveal serious concerns that Indian intelligence services will carry out more killings on its soil in the future.

throughout the region

In May, the office warned that Indian intelligence agents based in the United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan were actively operating in Pakistan, indicating their presence across the region.

A Pakistani document warned in September that Indian intelligence was planning “terrorist attacks” and assassinations on targets in Pakistan and that its agents were operating from a training camp in the Afghan city of Spin Boldak, “targeting prominent Pakistanis.” of Sikh figures.”

In its investigative report, the website reported that in October, the Pakistani government arrested people it said were involved in the killing of suspected militants in Pakistan and blamed it on “enemy spy agencies,” a link between Pakistan and India’s intelligence services. Mention in official communications.

The West generally believes that India can do no wrong, and they are very skeptical when Pakistan accuses India of doing such a thing.

An Intercept investigation pointed out that the Atlantic Research Council of the United States retracted an article published in March accusing Indian intelligence agencies of assassinating multiple Kashmiris in Pakistan. The pretext for the retraction was that the article did not meet the Council’s standard editorial standards.

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