The Times: Northern Ireland peace deal benefits Gaza peace policy

Irish writers Fergal Sharkey (musician and environmental activist) and Lord Alf Dobbs (Labour politician) argue that Northern Ireland’s past conflict bears little resemblance to today’s conflict in Israel ,Gaza StripTo achieve peace between Israel and Palestine, there are things that can be learned from Northern Ireland’s peace experience.

Sharkey and Dobbs stated at the beginning of their article in the British Times that this year marks the 25th anniversary of the signing of the agreement. great fridaykicking off a peace process that ended what was considered an intractable and unresolvable conflict that had lasted for decades.

Talking to enemies requires patience

They explained that conflicts end with negotiations, that negotiations, including with those on both sides who may be considered “extremists” or “terrorists”, are necessary and that the sooner negotiations begin, the sooner the peace process can begin, and that negotiations Dealing with enemies requires patience and preparation. To move beyond blame and guilt, the most important thing is leadership.

They said that in the case of Northern Ireland, the negotiations were expertly guided by U.S. senators George MitchellRespected and recognized as independent, led with sincerity by serious and determined politicians, the process has the support of all parties: the UK, Ireland, the US and the EU.

An independent mediator respected by all parties

They stress that the conflict between Israel and Gaza requires the support and leadership of their own George Mitchell Palestinian Authority If support is also needed from Israel and its Arab neighbours, the Arab League, the United States, the United Nations, the European Union and the United Kingdom, they have a role to play.

They continue to make clear that negotiations will not progress under the weight of preconditions, clear signs of the current conflict: the release of hostages, full access to humanitarian aid, and a cessation of violence. Gaza needs massive reconstruction efforts, which will provide opportunities for organizations representing Israel. The Palestinians all want to work together and build trust, which they point out they have already seen in Northern Ireland.

Keep your eyes on the desired target

They emphasized that nothing they said was easy or achieved overnight, but Northern Ireland achieved what was expected by focusing on the goal that everyone aspired to, which was peace.

They said the goal of Palestine and Israel is peace and security in Israel and an independent state for the Palestinians, providing them with security, self-respect, prosperity and greater stability throughout the Middle East. Nothing should distract the international community from its efforts to achieve peace, no matter how impossible it may seem. “The conversation must start now.”

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