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The former US president crushed his last remaining Republican challengers in the 2024 elections

Donald Trump has won the Republican primary in South Carolina, comfortably defeating former governor Nikki Haley, according to projections from multiple news agencies.

Trump leads with 60.1% of the votes after 60% of the votes are counted, according to the New York Times.

The victory of the forty-fifth president was expected, as he remained the favorite to be nominated by Republicans to challenge Joe Biden, who portrayed his time in office as disastrous for the country.

In a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference earlier that day, Trump attacked Biden's mental state and his record as president, arguing that American institutions would do so. “Collapses” Should he get a second term? And he expected that “Hordes of illegal aliens” They will continue to cross the border with Mexico under Biden's watch.

Haley became Trump's only prominent Republican competitor after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis withdrew from the race last month. She described Trump's presidency as… “chaotic” She accused him of “poisonous” And Lacks “moral clarity.”

CNN reported earlier this week that Biden had ordered his staff to focus on Trump's most inflammatory and divisive positions. “inflammatory” statements in an attempt to reshape his own campaign.

“Donald Trump is the exact opposite of everything President Biden stands for and has accomplished since taking office, and the campaign’s top priority over the next nine months will be making this stark choice for voters.” Ammar Musa, rapid response director for the Biden campaign, told CNN.

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