U.S. drone attack at Erbil Airport injures people and disrupts flights


A military base housing US troops near the airport came under attack erbil International District Kurdistan Iraq An attack by a bomb-laden drone on Monday injured people and disrupted work at the airport, the Iraqi army announced.

“Illegal organizations are trying to attack Iraqi bases, some of which have advisers from international organizations,” the Iraqi News Agency quoted a spokesman for the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Major General Yahya Rassoul, as saying in a statement. Coalition forces, including an incident involving an explosive drone, were dispatched near the Erbil civilian airport at 15:50 (12:50 GMT).

He added that the attack resulted in “casualties, disrupted work at the airport and affected the timing of civilian flights”, without giving details of the injured.

Previously, the counter-terrorism department of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region stated that Al Qaeda was related to the organization. for alliance The US-led campaign against Islamic State has been hit by a bomb-laden drone.

No party immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, which followed a series of similar attacks on U.S. military sites in Iraq and Syria in response to U.S. support for Israel. Gaza war It started on the seventh day of October last year.

The Islamic Resistance Movement in Iraq has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks targeting coalition bases at Ain al-Asad airport in western Iraq, Tal al-Baydar in northern Syria, and Tanf bases in southern Syria. It also recently announced bombings of a target in Eilat on the Red Sea and an Israeli gas platform in the Mediterranean.

U.S. officials acknowledged the attacks but said their forces in Syria and Iraq responded to most of them, in addition to strikes in both countries targeting sites they said were linked to Iran.

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