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The killing of foreign aid workers in Gaza has revived calls for a halt to British arms supplies

The UK is facing renewed calls to stop arms exports to Israel, following the Israeli army's deadly bombing of a humanitarian convoy in Gaza, media report.

On Monday, seven World Central Kitchen (WCK) aid workers, most of them foreigners and including three British nationals, were killed in Israeli air strikes allegedly targeting a Hamas activist. The incident sparked international condemnation.

Peter Ricketts, former national security adviser to the then Prime Minister and current Foreign Secretary David Cameron, said on Wednesday in comments on the incident that Britain now has “I've gotten to this point.” He urged the United Kingdom to send a “Signal” It informed Israel that it did not take its obligations under international law seriously enough.

“Sometimes, during conflict, there is a moment of global outrage and a feeling that things cannot continue like this. I hope this horrific incident serves that purpose.” Ricketts told the BBC.

The main opposition parties in Britain on Wednesday called on the Conservative government to publish the legal advice it received on whether Israel violated international humanitarian law during the war in Gaza.

David Lammy, foreign affairs spokesman for the opposition Labor Party, said “There are very serious accusations that Israel has violated international law.”

He called on the government to “Publish legal advice now” Claiming that “If it says there is a clear risk that UK weapons could be used in serious breach of international humanitarian law, then it is time to suspend the sale of those weapons.”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak did not commit to publishing legal advice, but said London followed strict guidelines “A set of rules, regulations and procedures.” Regarding arms export licensing.

UK ministers say defense sales to Israel were worth around 42 million pounds ($53 million) in 2022. According to the Campaign Against Arms Trade, a lobbying group for an end to arms sales, the UK has agreed to at least 474 million pounds. Sterling ($560). million) of exports to Israel since 2015.

These exports reportedly include spare parts for missiles, tanks and fighter aircraft, including tires, ejector seats, propellers and laser targeting equipment for aircraft used in Gaza.

Britain is also involved in manufacturing parts for US-made F-35 fighter jets used by the Israeli Air Force, according to arms control expert Roy Isbister of the campaign group Saferworld.

“The UK produces 15% of every F-35, so if the UK says ‘no’ to exports, that becomes significant, and problematic for Israeli capabilities which may risk upsetting the Americans.” Isbister told The National.

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