Urgent Basic Opinion for Victory

Day after day, the truth emerges from what we have said before in these articles about the scenario of the Zionist-American plan to empty the Gaza Strip of its population and annex it to the state of the Zionist entity, while The human tragedy of not paying attention to these decisions, proposals, objections, demands, official, international, trade union and popular appeals becomes clearer day by day. The consequences of the genocide that continues around the clock; forcing citizens to migrate to the southern Gaza Strip, where they suffer all kinds of humiliation, persecution, terror and physical and mental suffering.

Given the shameful incompetence; Arab, Islamic, international and international, and the growing number of displaced people, their suffering and the closure of their horizons that will force them to accept any emergency solution to ensure their lives, drinking water, and away from the teeth of death that lurk everywhere around them, even if this refuge is in a world of diaspora and asylum; with this and other factors in mind, what will the Palestinian people do to win this decisive battle and defeat The Zionist-American plan we review? his reason and its stages and its possibilities In the first three articles?

The Palestinian resistance movement must enter a combat phase; transform from tactical battles with limited objectives to a comprehensive and decisive battle to liberate Palestine, and expand the scope of participation in this battle to all Palestinians and those who support Palestine around the world.

This historical responsibility falls squarely on the Palestinian resistance factions, led by the Hamas movement, to act urgently in an advanced, dynamic and evolving vision to re-concrete in the next phase the basis of the fighting, political and military movement were guided by them, in a way that ultimately helped them thwart the Zionist American plan and achieve victory before things became more complicated on a military and humanitarian level. At the forefront of these foundations:

Improve combat level

Shifting the level of combat from tactical battles with limited objectives, especially prisoner exchanges, lifting the siege of the Gaza Strip, and improving negotiating conditions, to a comprehensive and decisive battle to liberate Palestine, broadening the scope to include all Palestinians and those who support them around the world Man engages in this battle and determines its immediate goals, defining its time limits, fronts, domains, and tools.

unified battle flag

Emphasizing that this battle is a national battle for the Palestinian people of all factions inside and outside occupied Palestine, with only the Palestinian flag flying, and that this battle is for the liberation of Palestine from the Zionist occupation, not for the establishment of an Islamic state of Palestine , which does not conflict with the flag of the Islamic movement (Hamas). Its jihad is for the sake of God, not like the Zionist-American alliance which has been fighting (Hamas) from the beginning, when it misled the world by making it the main target of the fight; to destroy Hamas Sri Lanka.

It is very unfortunate and painful that when the Zionist entity declared this war a deadly war from the first day of the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood; we found that many Palestinian and Arab circles – official and elite – It is in line with the Zionist-American position to believe that this is a war against the Hamas movement, not against the Palestinian people, and to very naively look forward to the moment when it will be eliminated and disposed of and tracked leaders of the Zionist entity to see what happens next. (Hamas), the entity that single-handedly overthrew the Palestinian resistance; his prestige was destroyed and his nose was soaked in filth, which revealed to the world the extent of the deceit behind his barbaric, criminal, racist face.

Unify the national team

Based on the first two pillars to ensure victory in this battle; the Palestinian national ranks between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank must be unified, and necessary actions must be taken to remove obstacles to the full launch of the revolution in the West Bank, especially those erected by the Palestinians. Authority under Abu Mazen, it is time to overthrow him and it. This is an extremely important question because the legitimacy of the Palestinian Authority and its president derives from the occupation and the Zionist-American alliance, and it is neither a stage-level question nor the history imposed on it by the ongoing war of liberation sexual national responsibility. .

The continued dominance of the Palestinian occupation authority over power in the West Bank is considered one of the biggest factors in the defeat of the Palestinian resistance movement in the current decisive battle against the Zionist occupation. The respected National Liberation Movement (Fatah) and the respected national elites must act urgently to get rid of this cancer that disrupts all life activities, fully commit themselves to the decisive battle for liberation and resistance to occupation, and fully engage with the people of the Gaza Strip.

The price proposed by the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is for the resistance leadership to raise the ceiling on political demands for the liberation of all of Palestine from Zionist occupation and to abandon the two-state solution as an imaginary solution , without the slightest element of success, and with an emphasis on establishing a state for the Palestinian people and the Jewish people.

reveal hide

Information circulating suggests that Hamas had nothing to do with the violations suffered against civilians living in settlements around the Gaza Strip on the day of the floods, while the Izzdin al-Qassam Brigades targeted military and security service Apache aircraft and Zionist Communist tanks killed large numbers of settlers in clashes with resistance elements and blew up many houses and vehicles, especially those of festival participants. The Zionist entity recently admitted that 200 charred corpses turned out to be those of Palestinian fighters. The Zionist entity has long presented these photos, of charred cars and passengers, as well as destroyed and burned homes, to the international media as part of Hamas’s crimes against the Palestinians. civilian.

Information is also circulating that the Zionist entity government and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are using the Qassam attack to demonize the Islamic State Hamas. The Zionist response to the Hamas attack won support from the West and the international community, with frequent reports that the United States – and not just the Zionist entity – had advance knowledge of the attack and the Zionist Details of patriotic Americans. The reaction to this will be revealed in the coming days.

Zionist and American media have published a wealth of information and testimonies about these events, while Hamas still lacks a narrative about the truth of what happened. This narrative should not be delayed any longer because of the impact it will have on the Zionist streets and their opposition to the government and the war, as well as on international positions and global opinion.

A balance of terror and chaos

Dedicated to spreading terror and dismay in the state of the Zionist entity and disorienting it by declaring its transformation into military objectives of resistance in all spheres, domains and fronts, starting from the political and military leadership, through civilian institutions, infrastructure and housing, like enemies. With the leakage of ammunition and projectiles that have not yet been used by the resistance, this could cause massive casualties among troops and civilians; forcing the leadership of the Zionist entity to rethink its calculations for the battle. This balance includes: Creating chaos and confusion in all areas and levels of the Zionist entity and the world, putting pressure on political leaders to stop the war and return to a political solution.

Raise the upper limit of political demands

The price paid by the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, the unparalleled heroic perseverance and the strong unity of the resistance movement demanding the continuation of the liberation struggle require the leadership of the resistance movement to raise the ceiling of political demands and stop demanding the first and last of these demands. The demand is for the liberation of all of Palestine from the Zionist occupation and the overthrow of the two-state solution; because it is an imaginary solution without the slightest element of success and with an emphasis on equal rights for the Palestinian people and the Jewish people People to build a state, a state whose stability is not threatened by extreme Zionist racism, nor by itself. Both the barbaric atrocities and their nuclear arsenal put an end to the ongoing resistance, which will not cease as long as the Palestinians are denied their legitimate historical rights. Emphasizing that unless this state is established, development projects in the world, the Arab region and the region will not be realized.

The arrogant, racist and criminal face of the Zionist entity has been exposed to the world after it trampled on humanity and violated all its covenants and laws. The extent of the lies and deceit behind the claims of oppression and anti-Semitism has been exposed, and the world is ready – at least universally – to support this solution because it is the only one that can… It will serve both peoples To achieve peace and bring stability to the region and its development and investment projects.

These foundations require the Palestinian resistance and Hamas movements to quickly review the current political, military, humanitarian and media action plans and take the necessary measures to redirect them in the right direction that will help defeat the Zionists. America planned and won.

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