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West Jerusalem claims the raid on the Galaxy Leader cargo ship in the Red Sea was orchestrated by Iran

The Houthi government in Yemen said it had seized an Israeli cargo ship in the Red Sea, as tensions escalate between the two sides over the conflict in Gaza. Israel condemned the move but insisted that the ship had no connection to the country.

The Bahamas-flagged car and truck carrier, Galaxy Leader, was seized near Hodeidah, Yemen while sailing to India, Japan-based NYK Line said on Monday, adding that there were 25 crew members on board.

While it is operated by a Japanese company, the ship is owned by British-based Ray Car Carriers, which is linked to Avraham Ungar, one of the richest men in Israel, according to Forbes.

Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces, confirmed that the navy directed the ship to the coast of the country, claiming that the operation was carried out from a base. “And the religious, humanitarian and moral responsibility towards the oppressed Palestinian people and the unjust siege they are subjected to.”

He pointed out that Yemen will “Dealing with the ship’s crew is in accordance with the teachings and values ​​of our Islamic religion.” The Yemeni army will do so as well “Continue carrying out military operations against the Israeli enemy until the aggression.” He added that he is against the protests in Gaza.

The IDF described the incident as: “abduction” And a “A serious accident with global consequences” While he confirmed that the ship was “It employs civilians of different nationalities, not including Israelis. “It is not an Israeli ship.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office claimed that the kidnapping was orchestrated by Tehran, which has close ties to the Houthi rebels, denouncing what it called “Another act of Iranian terrorism.”

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani denied these allegations, claiming that they were different “Resistance groups in the region act independently and spontaneously based on their interests.” He added that West Jerusalem’s claims about the ship aim to divert attention from it “An irreparable defeat” In the conflict with Hamas.

Tensions between the Houthis and Israel escalated following the Hamas attack on the Jewish state on October 7. Last month, the Yemeni army said it launched drones and missiles at Israel in support of the Palestinian cause. Before that, the Pentagon said that a US destroyer deployed in the Red Sea shot down several missiles launched from Yemen and may have been heading towards targets in Israel.

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