US airman sets himself on fire outside Israeli Embassy in Washington — RT World News

A man was taken to hospital in critical condition after setting himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, the city's emergency services said.

Vito Maggiolo, a spokesman for DC Fire and EMS, told reporters that the man was taken to the hospital “Serious, life-threatening injuries.”

Independent journalist Talia Jane said she obtained footage of the incident showing that the man was wearing a military uniform and described himself as “Active member of the US Air Force.”

According to Jane, the man said “I will no longer be complicit in genocide.” He shouted “Free Palestine.” And the journalist published Graphic image A man in military uniform was caught on fire.

CNN, which also reviewed the video, said the man identified himself as Aaron Bushnell. US Air Force spokeswoman Rose Riley later confirmed this to CNN “An active duty pilot was involved in today's accident.”

Several pro-Palestine protests were held outside Israeli missions abroad after Israel launched its military campaign against the armed Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip in October 2023. Demonstrators demanded a ceasefire in Gaza, highlighting the staggering civilian death toll. In early December, a man set himself on fire in front of the Israeli consulate in Atlanta, Georgia.

Pro-Israel demonstrations were also held in Washington and other cities, where people mourned Israelis killed by Hamas and demanded the release of hostages the group took during its October 7 attack, which sparked the ongoing war.

Nearly 30,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since the beginning of the conflict, according to local authorities run by Hamas. Israel has rejected these accusations “Genocide” Arguing that Hamas uses civilians as human shields and must ultimately bear responsibility for the deaths in Gaza.

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