US Channel: Biden administration is preparing for the post-Netanyahu era News

NBC cited U.S. officials as saying there were divisions within the president's administration Joe Biden And the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu This has become even more evident since US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s recent visit to Israel.

The network reported that Blinken returned from Israel and Netanyahu rejected all Washington's demands except for a request that Israel not attack Hezbollah in Lebanon.

NBC quoted U.S. officials as saying that Blinken told Netanyahu that there is no military solution to the fate of the Islamic resistance movement (Hamas) and that Israel must recognize this or “history will repeat itself and violence will continue.” .” But Netanyahu is not convinced, according to sources, that the same is true, in Blinken's words.

The network also quoted US officials as saying that the Biden administration “is looking beyond Netanyahu to achieve its goals in the region” and that the US government is trying to lay the groundwork with other Israeli leaders for the formation of a post-Netanyahu The Hu government is making preparations.

Several senior U.S. officials told NBC that Netanyahu “will not be there forever.”

Differences intensify

This week, Axios news website reported that U.S. President Joe Biden hung up on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his last phone call, in a new sign of a growing dispute between the two countries as Israel's ongoing war in the Gaza Strip continues. Evidence was stripped for 104 days.

The US website stated that the last speech between Biden and Netanyahu was on December 23, and the above incident occurred.

There have been public disagreements between Biden and Netanyahu over the past few weeks over their handling of the war in Gaza and the future of the Strip after fighting ceases, but they have not gone to the extent of halting or changing the nature of U.S. support .fortel aviv.

Biden said two weeks ago that Israel had begun to lose global support due to what he said was an indiscriminate bombing of Gaza, but he reiterated that Tel Aviv could count on U.S. support and stressed his support for its “right to self-defense.”

The US president hinted at differences in his relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stressing that the latter was in a “difficult situation”.

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