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The Biden administration has reportedly tapped up to $400 million in “credits” to send more weapons to Kiev.

US President Joe Biden's administration has reportedly allocated $400 million in arms funding to Ukraine, the first such package in months. Those in Kiev who support continued funding for the military are struggling to get Congress to approve increased spending.

The new aid package includes: “Credits refunded to the Pentagon for recent purchases.” Reuters reported on Tuesday, citing two unidentified US officials. The White House ran out of money for Ukraine in January, after spending $113 billion in aid packages approved by Congress.

Republican lawmakers refused to approve Biden's request for a $95 billion emergency spending bill that includes more than $60 billion for Ukraine. The American President has risen Blame Republicans support Ukraine's recent battlefield struggles, arguing that Avdiivka's main stronghold in Donbas fell to Russian forces last month because Ukrainian forces were forced to ration their ammunition.

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Bill Burns Members of the US Senate Intelligence Committee warned on Monday that failure to approve additional aid funding for Ukraine would worsen the crisis. “More Avdeevkas.” he added, “It seems to me that this would be a huge and historic mistake for the United States.” He also claimed that if the United States could provide enough weapons, so could Ukrainian forces “Restoring the offensive initiative” By late 2024 or early 2025.

Biden's potential rival in this year's presidential election, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, has vowed to quickly end the Russia-Ukraine conflict by forcing the leaders of both countries to the negotiating table. Trump's plan Ending the crisis includes stopping aid to Kiev, according to what Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who met with the former US president on Friday, said.

“Donald Trump will not donate a penny to the Russia-Ukraine war.” Orban told Hungarian radio M1 on Sunday. He added that European allies would not be able to finance the conflict if Washington, Ukraine's largest donor, stopped sending weapons.

Last appreciation Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the United States had detected threats to American national security, based on information from 18 spy agencies in Washington. “Maybe he thinks” His strategy for victory in Ukraine is beginning to bear fruit and Western aid to Kiev will diminish. The report acknowledged that Russian forces have made gains on the battlefield in the former Soviet republic since late last year and are benefiting from that. “Uncertainty about the future of Western military assistance.”

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