US presidential candidate had ‘dead worm’ in brain – NYT — RT World News

RFK Jr. disclosed this case in legal proceedings more than a decade ago

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. once thought he had a brain tumor, but the dark spot on scans turned out to be a dead parasitic worm, the New York Times reported, citing legal documents.

President John Kennedy's nephew, who is currently running an independent presidential campaign, said he is younger and healthier than current President Joe Biden and his main rival Donald Trump.

However, in 2010, RFK Jr “brain fog” Because of severe memory loss, he turned to leading neurologists for advice about a possible tumor, according to The Times. But a New York doctor gave him a different opinion: the parasite is dead.

Abnormalities seen on scans “It was caused by a worm that entered my brain, ate part of it, and then died.” Kennedy said in a 2012 filing.

In the same legal interview, Kennedy said that “clearly” He had cognitive problems, including short- and long-term memory loss. However, in a later interview with The Times, he attributed it to mercury poisoning, caused by his fish-rich diet at the time.

Blood tests found mercury levels 10 times higher than what the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers safe, Kennedy said, adding that he made a full recovery after undergoing chelation therapy to remove the heavy metal from his body.

According to the Times article, the cyst containing the dead worm remained in Kennedy's brain and did not require treatment, nor did it leave any after-effects. He said he did not know what type of parasite it was or how he contracted it, although he suspected he had been on a trip to South Asia.

The 2012 document was related to divorce proceedings from Mary Richardson Kennedy, RFK Jr.'s second wife. Kennedy argued at the time that his earnings potential had been diminished by cognitive conflicts.

Kennedy has been candid about another apparent mental condition, a neurological disorder called spasmodic dysphonia that causes his voice to become hoarse and strained.

Robert Kennedy Jr. initially launched a primary challenge to Biden within the Democratic Party, but turned to an independent bid after several months of stonewalling from the party apparatus. Biden, 81, is widely believed to have several cognitive impairments due to his age and pre-existing medical conditions – despite his doctors insisting that the oldest US president ever inaugurated was fine.

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