US representatives and human rights activists go on hunger strike to protest hungry children in Gaza Free Press

Many U.S. representatives and activists began a hunger strike to demand a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, announcing the news outside the White House in order to influence U.S. government decision-makers to end the war immediately.

Strike participants include Delaware Rep. Wilson Anton, New York Rep. Zahran Mamdani, Oklahoma Rep. Murray Turner Turner, Virginia Rep. Sam Rasoul and Michigan Rep. Abraham Ayyash announced a five-day fast.

Attendees said they chose to fast because it was the least they could do for the children and women of Gaza who are under siege and deprived of the most basic rights to food and water. The hunger strike will draw attention to “the fact that the United States government, our president and congressional leaders are funding this starvation policy.” “They continue to support the occupation.”

Wilson-Anton, a city representative, said in an interview with the media, “We are using American taxpayers’ money to bomb local communities in Gaza, and I do not believe that our president will use his influence as much as possible to bomb local communities in Gaza. “A permanent ceasefire was reached. “

Emmy and Grammy winner Cynthia Nixon also joined the strike and spoke of thousands of people killed in less than 50 days, 70 percent of whom were children and women. Protesters organized nighttime vigils in solidarity with victims in Gaza.

Cynthia said: “As the mother of a Jewish child whose grandparents were Holocaust survivors, my son asked me to use my voice and my account on the platform to repeat the word ‘never again,’ which refers to don’t A repeat of the genocide and apartheid that once happened. To the Jews and the world against it.”

The famous actress continued: “As an American, I am here to demand that our president stop funding the mass murder and starvation of thousands of innocent Palestinians, the majority of whom are children and women. President Biden This moment must be used to negotiate a permanent ceasefire, through which he will return all hostages and political prisoners to their homes and begin laying the foundations for peace. “Permanent”.

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