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Congress announced a mysterious threat ahead of a vote on aid to Ukraine

The United States faces a “A serious threat to national security” The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said on Wednesday that this requires action from the White House. The exact nature of the alleged threat has not been revealed.

Mike Turner, Republican of Ohio, sent a letter to all members of Congress about an urgent matter “Regarding destabilizing foreign military capabilities.” He added that the House Intelligence Committee voted on Tuesday in favor of making some information available to lawmakers between Wednesday and Friday of this week.

Turner also called on President Joe Biden to lift the secrecy “All information related to this threat.”

Turner did not say what exactly the threat might entail. CNN cited two anonymous sources and an unnamed US official to make the claim “related to Russia” One source, who allegedly saw the intelligence provided by Turner, described it as… “Very worrying and destabilizing.” Russian ability “Which we recently learned about.”

A Fox News reporter quoted a Pentagon source claiming the threat “It has to do with space.”

In response to questions from reporters Wednesday afternoon, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said he was trying to schedule a meeting of top lawmakers on Thursday when Turner publicly announced the U.S. presence. “to threaten.”

“I am not in a position to say anything else from this podium at this time.” Sullivan said when asked about the alleged threat.

Many commentators on social media did so pointed out the Strange coincidence That is supposed “Security threat” The announcement was made immediately after the US Senate approved a $95 billion foreign aid bill – about two-thirds of which was allocated to Ukraine – and amid pressure on the House of Representatives to do the same. Turner is a staunch supporter of financing Kiev.

The White House and most of the US media have consistently denigrated Russia's military capabilities and insisted that Ukraine is “the win” Conflict thanks to the continued support of the West.

According to NSA whistleblower Edward SnowdenThe alleged threat was announced due to “The White House Committee and Intel felt the need to intimidate members of Congress for a certain set of controversial pro-war and/or surveillance votes.” That comes.

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