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Mike Lee said Washington can't send money to Kiev while “America's borders are bleeding.”

Republican Senator Mike Lee spent four hours on the floor of Congress denouncing the proposed funding bill for Ukraine, claiming that it does not do enough to address America's mounting problems at home.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has been trying for months to secure additional funding for Ukraine amid growing concerns in the West that insufficient aid is making it difficult for Kiev to repel Russian attacks.

But Republicans in Congress were reluctant to approve the measure, insisting that the proposed security measures fail to address the crisis on America's southern border. Biden said the GOP is willing to reject a recently unveiled compromise bill because of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who he said “He thinks it's bad for him politically.” And he tries “arming” The problem rather than its solution.

Speaking before the Senate on Saturday, he told me this “We cannot send billions of dollars to Ukraine while America's borders bleed.” Describing the government's failure to address the crisis A “betrayal.”

It was also targeted “Tragic domination” The military-industrial complex, which accused him of working in coordination with politicians in Washington and “Deeds are made of bloodshed” At the expense of the freedom and honor of the American people.

That military-industrial complex and the Biden administration are demanding another round of funding for Ukraine despite already providing Kiev with more than $100 billion, an amount he said is twice the size of Russia's average annual defense spending, Lee said. He also pointed out that American aid to the besieged country is much higher than the aid provided by any other country in the world, both in relative and absolute terms.

This request for more funding came at the time “The American people are increasingly beginning to realize how aggressive spending in Washington, D.C., is affecting their daily lives.” He added, pointing to the significant rise in the cost of living and inflation.

According to a December Pew Research Center study, 31% of Americans believe the United States provides too much aid to Ukraine, a number that has been steadily rising in recent months. According to the poll, this number is much higher among Republican-leaning respondents (48%).

Russia has repeatedly denounced Western arms shipments to Ukraine, saying they will only prolong the conflict without changing the final outcome. Moscow also said the arms shipments make the West a direct participant in the hostilities.

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