US strikes in Middle East are ‘strategic mistake’ – Iran — RT World News

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented on the recent operations targeting armed groups in Syria and Iraq

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said the United States made a grave mistake by attacking targets in Iraq and Syria, as that would only inflame tensions in the already volatile region.

In a statement on Saturday, Al-Kanaani condemned the US air strikes on armed groups in the two countries. US officials said the attacks targeted groups linked to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds Force, an elite secret unit specializing in foreign operations, and were in response to an earlier attack on a US military site in Jordan that killed three service members. Dead and dozens wounded.

The ministry spokesman confirmed that Washington violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq and Syria, describing the decision “Another adventure and strategic mistake by the US government will only escalate tension and instability in the region.”

He also stressed that, by launching the strikes, the United States is helping Israel, which is locked in a conflict with the Palestinian militant group Hamas in Gaza. The latter has close relations with Tehran, and attacked the Jewish state in early October, and the fighting led to the deaths of tens of thousands, including many civilians, and unprecedented destruction.

Al-Kanaani added that the root cause of the current crisis in the region is: “Occupation by the Israeli regime” And its operations in Gaza, as well “The genocide of the Palestinians with unlimited support from the United States.”

However, the spokesman did not address American allegations that it attacked groups affiliated with Iran. Tehran had previously stated that the regional groups that attacked US military facilities were acting independently and not on Iran's orders.

US President Joe Biden, commenting on the new wave of US air strikes in the region, stressed on Friday that the United States “Does not seek conflict in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world.” But he warned against retaliation against those who harm Americans. Senior US officials also said they did not want conflict with Iran.

Before the US moves, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi also said that Tehran “He will not be the initiator of any war.” But he pledged to do so “Respond strongly” For everyone who tries to put pressure on his country.

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