US, UK defend attack on Yemen, Houthis vow to respond

The spokesman said Houthis exist Yemen Mohamed Abdul Salam said that the US and UK attacks on Yemen were unjustified, while the UK confirmed that the attacks on Houthi targets were in self-defence.

A spokesman for the Houthi armed forces emphasized that this aggression against Yemen is absolutely unjustified because “international navigation has not encountered danger.”

Abdul Salam confirmed that “attacks have been and will continue to be directed at Israeli ships or ships heading to ports.” Palestine “We are not targeting any country in the world except Israel,” he said.

In a statement to Al Jazeera, he said “there is no naval alliance” in the Red Sea but “only American and British aggression”.

Abdul Salam confirmed that Yemen's position is valid, prompting the United States to announce an alliance against the Houthis.

safe passage

In turn, Daif Alaa Shami, Minister of Information and Spokesperson of the Houthi government, confirmed that he passed

In the same context, Mohammed Ali Houthi, a member of the Supreme Political Council of the Houthi armed forces, said that the US and British attacks on Yemen were “barbaric acts of terrorism.”

He described the attacks as “a deliberate and unjustified aggression that reflects a cruel mentality”, adding that “a response will be made through a statement to be released at a later date”. Relatedly, a U.S. military official denied that the Houthis had carried out any retaliatory attacks on U.S. and British ships in the Red Sea in response to bombings of cities in Yemen.

The British “Guardian” quoted the unnamed official as saying, “Until now, there has been no response from the Houthis.” The official said that his country would not be concerned about “any response from the Houthis.” surprise.

Ali Khahoum, a member of the Houthi politburo, announced that he would target US and British warships in the Red Sea in response to their attacks. washington andLondon in the capital sana and other provinces in Yemen.

and installed USA andU.K. The attacks on targets in Yemen were launched at dawn on Friday in response to the Houthis blocking any Israeli ships or vessels bound for Israel from sailing in the Red Sea in solidarity with them. Gaza Strip The country has been under Israeli aggression for more than three months.

“Strikes against the Houthis are designed to reduce their ability to continue launching attacks in the Red Sea,” said Lexus Grinkovich, commander of U.S. Air Forces in the Middle East.

The U.S. official held the Houthis and their Iranian backers responsible for the attacks on international shipping, noting that the attacks targeted command centers, ammunition depots and launch systems.

British Armed Forces Minister James Herbie told Times Radio on Friday that overnight attacks by Britain and the United States on military targets by Houthi rebels in Yemen were in self-defence.

The Masira Channel controlled by the Houthi armed forces reported that the targets of the bombing attacks were the Derami Air Force Base near the capital Sana'a Airport, the Kalan Camp near Hodeidah Airport, the Zabid District area, and east of Saada City. . , Taiz Airport, the 22nd Brigade camp in Al-Ta'iziyah district and the airport in Abs district.

The United States and Britain launched dawn attacks on targets in Yemen on Friday (Reuters)

high price

After the attack, Hussein Ezzi, deputy foreign minister of the Houthi government, vowed to respond, saying: “Our country has suffered a massive and aggressive attack by American and British ships, submarines and warplanes… The United States and the United Kingdom must Be prepared to pay a heavy price.”

In the past few weeks, the Houthis have launched more than 25 attacks on commercial ships with ties to Israel or heading to ports near Israel. Bab el Mandeb Strait strategy.

In the latest attack, the Houthis used more than 20 missiles to target “a U.S. ship providing support to Israel.” drone As they claimed, a missile flying over the Red Sea was shot down by American and British forces.

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