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Inattention and hearing impairment are behavioral disorders that many children suffer from, but it should not be asserted that every child who exhibits symptoms of inattention or impulsivity necessarily has this disorder.

The disease affects a child's academic performance and sometimes has a negative impact on his daily life. Therefore, in addition to taking effective methods to help children improve their attention and performance, parents and teachers should also understand the causes of children's inattention and solve them.

Child and adolescent psychologist Karina Kady told Al Jazeera that hearing and attention difficulties are not a stand-alone disorder and often accompany many problems in children, such as Dyslexiadysgraphia andprovocative disorder.

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The child may be very inattentive and have a severe lack of attention and concentration (Getty)

What are the types of hearing and attention disorders?

According to Cady, hearing, attention, and concentration disorders can be divided into 3 subtypes:

  1. Attention Deficit Disorder: In this type, children are often very inattentive and have a severe lack of attention and concentration.
  2. Hyperactivity disorder: In this type, the child is very active and very impulsive.
  3. riot Comorbid attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder: In this case, the child may suffer from both attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

Of note, children who presented primarily with symptoms of hearing and attention impairment, without symptoms of hyperactivity, were characterized by calmness and lethargy.

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Children who have been exposed to violence or experienced difficult experiences may develop ADHD (Getty)

What are the causes of inattention?

Cady went on to explain, emphasizing that there are many causes of inattention, the most important of which are:

  • anxiety: Anxiety stems from a variety of reasons related to family or children, such as fear of separation from parents or fear of embarrassment.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder: This disorder greatly affects attention and is often seen in elementary school children.
  • Suffering emotional trauma: Children are sometimes exposed to violence, or go through difficult and disturbing experiences; it creates insecurities and can lead to problems concentrating.
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    Fostering a positive attitude in your child can help him overcome the difficulties he faces (Getty)

treatment method

Cardi explains behavioral therapy is available and is based on helping children arrange his lifestyle There are several aspects, namely:

  • Maintain a consistent lifestyle with a harmonious rhythm: You must help him organize his living environment and arrange the tools he uses daily. Children can set daily plans for themselves.
  • Cultivate a positive attitude in your children: This helps him overcome the difficulties he faces and remain highly focused and oriented. It is also important to always show love and kindness to your children.
  • Play attention-building games: There are many games that can help children improve their concentration, including: Memory game for kidsand puzzles.
  • Reduce the time sit in front of screen: When children spend too much time in front of screens, their attention span often declines.
  • Develop a work plan: Parents should create a schedule for their children that includes time for homework because a routine can help reduce concentration problems over time.
  • Give your child some time off: Guidelines for providing recess for children are not limited to families, teachers should also consider providing recess for a child with ADHD so that he can regain his focus.
  • Need to save extra time and reduce responsibilities: Children who have trouble concentrating should be given more time to complete school work.In addition, it is not advisable to eat too much Operation As far as this type of child is concerned.
  • Doctor consultation: If the previous method doesn't work, Hearing and attention disorders can be treated with stimulant medications after medical consultation, which are effective within a short period of time in 70% of children with this condition. Improvements in behavior and mental abilities can be observed while taking these medications. But each child's situation is different, so the medication used may also be completely different, and this is decided by the specialist.
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Make sure your child gets 8 to 9 hours of sleep a day so he can focus on learning in the morning (Getty)

Necessary tips

Margaret Nichols, a psychotherapist and director of the Center for Children and Families at the Erikson Institute in Chicago, advises parents to thoroughly understand whether their child has ADHD, according to a report posted by . The following tips are provided:

  • Dealing with a hyperactive child can be difficult because he is unstable, moves from one activity to another with unlimited energy, and has difficulty listening or following instructions.
  • Parents must be fully aware and patient with him, as he may perform poorly in school, get lowest grades, and cause behavioral problems.Therefore, you must insist that your child looks at you when you explain something to him, break the information into small and simple parts, and let him repeat each step after you.
  • Writing down instructions can also help children follow them because they can refer to the list to help jog their memory.
  • Making sure the child understands he or she is not being punished and telling him where you have assigned him will help him focus and encourage participation.
  • Is necessary don't punish children If he fails to complete the to-do list within a specific time, he is free to complete the tasks in any order rather than starting from top to bottom.
  • Children with this disorder need a healthy diet appropriate to their neurological condition and should eat foods rich in vitamins and protein and avoid fast food if possible.
  • He must have enough time every day to have fun and practice his favorite hobbies so that he has time to have fun without feeling constant stress.
  • Providing the right atmosphere and eliminating distractions that may attract his attention, as well as time management, are considered one of the best ways to treat inattention in learning in children, as the child must be helped to organize his time well.
  • mother must help her child Sleep at a fixed time Make sure he gets 8 to 9 hours of sleep every day so he can get enough rest so he can concentrate on studying in the morning.

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