What channel is broadcasting the Texas-California match today? Time and TV schedule for the 2023 LLWS US Final

The United States will soon have its own representative in the 2023 Little League World Series.

LIVE STREAM: Catch updates and highlights from the Texas vs California LLWS Final US game

The LLWS USA team wraps up the action on Saturday, as it’s all about Texas vs. California in the US Finals in Williamsport.

Texas (Southwest) had a perfect 4-0 win in the tournament, including a win over California (West). The team has been buoyed by his dominant pitching, allowing only four runs so far in the contest. A dramatic 1-0 win over Washington on Wednesday moved the Neidville Little League group into the final.

On the other hand, California won three consecutive elimination games after losing their previous game to Texas. The pack is led by Louis Labee, a two-way threat with a score of 6-1 who has terrorized the pitchers in this tournament. Most recently, the El Segundo Little League team eliminated Washington 2-1 on Thursday to set up a rematch with Texas.

The winner this time qualifies for the LLWS Championship against Curacao (Caribbean Sea) on Sunday.

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Here’s everything you need to know to watch the 2023 US Little League World Series Final:

What channel is broadcasting the Texas-California match today?

  • TV channel: ABC
  • Live broadcast: fobo | ESPN +

The US final game of the 2023 Little League World Series will be broadcast live on ABC. It is the second of the three championship matches that will be broadcast on the channel.

For fans looking to stream the action, a live stream of the game is available on ESPN+ or Fubo, which offers a free trial for new subscribers.

What time does the US Little League World Series Finals start today?

  • date: Saturday 26th August
  • time: 3:30 p.m. ET

The US portion of the LLWS segment will conclude with the final on Saturday, August 26th.

The championship contest is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. ET from Lamad Stadium.

World Junior Championship schedule

The tournament started on August 16 and will conclude with the championship match at Lamad Stadium on August 27. Here’s the full tournament schedule, including previous results for both Texas and California.

Wed 16 Aug

Game a result
1 Panama 4Europe and Africa 0
2 Metro 3Mountain 1
3 Japan 1Cuba 0
4 Southwest 2Mid-Atlantic 1

Thursday 17 August

Game a result
5 Caribbean 2Australia 1
6 northwest 10, New England 0
7 Asia Pacific 6, Canada 0
8 west 4, Great Lakes 3

Friday 18 August

Game a result
9 Latin America 4Panama 3
10 Southeast 8Metro 1
11 japan 6, Mexico 1
12 southwest 6, Midwest 2

Saturday 19 August

Game a result
13 Cuba 11Australia (F/5, Australia eliminated)
14 Mid-Atlantic 5New England 3 (New England eliminated)
15 Canada 3Europe-Africa 0 (Europe-Africa excluded)
16 Mountain 13Great Lakes 2 (F/4, Great Lakes Eliminated)

Sunday 20 August

Game a result
17 Panama 3Cuba 2 (Cuba eliminated)
18 Metro 7Mid-Atlantic 2 (Mid-Atlantic excluded)
19 Mexico 10Canada 1 (Canada eliminated)
20 Mountain 7Midwest 1 (Midwest eliminated)

Monday 21st August

Game a result
21 Caribbean 2Latin America 1
22 northwest 6Southeast 2
23 Asia Pacific 10, Japan 0
24 Southwest 3West 1

Tuesday 22 August

Game a result
25 Mexico 3Latin America 1 (Elimination of Latin America)
26 Southeast 2Mountain 1 (mountain eliminated)
27 japan 5, Panama 4 (elimination of Panama)
28 West 9Metro 3 (Metro removed)

Wed 23 Aug

Game a result
29 Asia and the Pacific 9Caribbean 1
30 Southwest 1Northwest 0 (F/9)
31 Mexico 2Japan 0 (Japan eliminated)
32 West 5Southeast 3 (Southeast eliminated)

Thursday 24 August

Game a result
33 Caribbean 4Mexico 2 (Mexico eliminated)
34 west 2, Northwest 1 (Northwest eliminated)

Saturday 26th August

Game match (region) time (Eastern time) tv/stream
35 International tournament: Caribbean 2Asia Pacific 0 12:30 pm abc, fobo
36 US Championship: Southwest vs. West 3:30 p.m abc, fobo

Sunday 27 August

Game match (region) time (Eastern time) tv/stream
Third place Asia-Pacific vs. Match 36 Loser 11 am ESPN, fobo
championship Caribbean versus the winner of Game 36 3 p.m abc, fobo

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